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To create a profitable brand is a challenging task – you need to spend countless hours defining what makes you unique and how you will communicate that to your potential buyers and acquire new customers.

But it doesn’t stop there – to deliver on the promise of your great brand and keep clients coming back for more, you need to minimize human error, optimize the client experience, drive down order fulfillment latency, manage the complexity of your channel strategy and then still think about scaling the business.

It doesn’t need to be as difficult as it sounds – Brightpearl is built to optimize your operations, freeing you up to grow your brand.

Brightpearl helps retail brands to:


Deliver on your brand promise

Building your brand is costly and time-consuming – don’t waste that investment by letting your customers down. Brightpearl helps brands drive the operational excellence needed to provide a frictionless customer experience.


Retain customers

To get clients coming back to you time and again, you need to meet and exceed their expectations. Brightpearl minimizes warehouse mistakes, speeds up delivery and helps you offer a seamless returns experience, leaving your customers wanting more.


Accelerate fulfillment

Customers want their items ASAP and market-leaders are setting the bar high with same-day and even 90 minute delivery. Brightpearl automates order fulfillment and streamlines warehouse operations for quicker delivery.


Sell on multiple channels

Whether you’re selling in bulk or going direct-to-consumer, across ecommerce or taking orders over the phone, you need one system to handle the growing complexity as you scale. Consolidating everything in one platform helps you free up time to invest in marketing and growing your brand.


Automate inventory sync

Canceling orders because you’ve oversold and can’t back order more is the stuff of nightmares for brands that are trying to grow. Brightpearl automatically syncs all available inventory per SKU across all your channels, so you never oversell (unless you’ve planned to). We’ll also notify you when you need to reorder a particular SKU and help you build the purchase order.


Expand to new markets

If you’re planning a geographical expansion, you need streamlined operations so your service doesn’t suffer as a result of the growing complexity. With a retail operations platform like Brightpearl, brands can fully utilize all their assets, free up time and expand into new markets, while keeping control of the quality of their product and service.

How our customers grow with Brightpearl

Eyewear brand

Finlay London expands to direct-to-consumer with the right technology in place

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"Because wholesale orders are in the pipeline for longer than those customers coming to us via a DTC channel, it adds an extra layer of complexity to order fulfillment. However, Brightpearl automatically updates each sales channel in real time with information on what products are available. And its single source of truth means I can dip into the platform at anytime to quickly get an overview of our inventory, order fulfillment and sales across channel, which is so important to removing potential bottlenecks in our operation."

David Lochhead, , Commercial Director, Finlay London

Key Facts
  • Ships to 40 countries
  • 100% revenue growth in 2017 with Brightpearl
  • Wholesaler going DTC (direct to consumer)
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Luxury leather goods

Fairfax & Favor eliminates human error in warehousing

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"Brightpearl has made our dispatch process 100 times easier. Beforehand, a lot of orders were going out incorrectly because we were rushing. Now we’re a lot more accurate, a lot more streamlined, and we’re a lot more efficient. Our error rates have dramatically decreased since we’ve been using Brightpearl. We hardly ever get customers contacting us to say they’ve received an incorrect product. It’s a massive success for us."

Melissa MacTaggart, , Operations Executive, Fairfax & Favor

Key Facts
  • 65 stockists
  • Halved time spent on inventory counts with Brightpearl
  • Shopify webstore
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Ethical fashion brand

Greater Than A shifts resources from the back office to brand-building with Brightpearl

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"Growth and expansion is where Brightpearl will play a critical role for us. It will allow us to have a rapid build-up, manage our costs and allow us to work to sustainable change within the industry. This means every person working for us can focus on building the brand, being ‘spearheads’ of the company and interacting with customers, rather than working in the office, doing tasks that our customers can’t see."

Jens-Petter Ring, , Design Project Leader, Greater Than A

Key Facts
  • Automates operations with Brightpearl for global expansion
  • Shopify webstore
  • Wholesale and retail channels
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Key features our branded customers love

Automated order and inventory management

Brightpearl makes sure that the available inventory counts are correct and in real time across all your sales channels, signaling when it’s time to replenish.

Barcoded warehouse management

Simply scan product barcodes and automatically communicate inventory changes, reducing the risk of mispicks, frustrated customers and bad reviews. Rest assured that any changes you do make will update your multiple sales channels and inventory asset values on your balance sheet automatically.

Flexible order fulfillment

Split orders, back order, partially fulfill or dropship – set your fulfillment rules according to the needs of your business and the specifics of each sale.

Hassle-free returns

Provide an easy way for your customers to return items, while maintaining warehouse efficiency to keep your service at the highest standard.

Customer segmentation for personalized communications

Automatically segment customers based on their location or purchase intent and create marketing campaigns with segmentation in your email marketing platform.

Real-time accounting for better decision making

Make the best decisions for your brand on a day-to-day basis, instead of at the end of the month, with integrated real-time inventory and accounting.

World class integrations

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