Advanced inventory and order management software for Amazon sellers

Streamline your inventory and order management with Amazon and view your profitability in real time.

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brightpearl mutichannel inventory management

Synchronize all
your sales channels

Whether you choose to launch a new Amazon channel, enter into a new marketplace, sell online via your website, in store or over the phone, you can trust Brightpearl to keep your inventory levels updated in real time, across all your channels. With more accurate inventory levels found across your business, you will instantly improve your Amazon seller ratings and customer experience.

brightpearl integrates with multiple platforms

Improve your
perfect order rate

With Brightpearl efficiently managing your back office workflows, inventory levels and shipping updates, your perfect order rate will be greatly improved, resulting in more revenue and more happy customers. Brightpearl Amazon sellers experience excellent perfect order rates, with defects under 0.2% on average - significantly better than the 2.5% target!

Seamlessly integrates with your POS

Reduce admin time
& eliminate errors

With your orders flowing through a single back office solution, inventory levels updated in real time and business accounting all handled efficiently, you instantly reduce your admin time and eliminate errors by using Brightpearl. Combining this with our automatic SKU to SKU connection frees up your team so they can focus on growth strategies and promoting the business.

real time financial reporting

Real time
financial reporting

As orders are shipped, paid and invoiced, Brightpearl automatically creates accounting journals, feeding real time financial reports so you can report on performance by marketplace and by Amazon seller ID. This ensures you can make better business decisions faster, and spend more time analyzing your Amazon sales instead of consolidating data.

icon showing expansion through cross border trade

Expand through cross border trade

You can connect as many marketplaces as required by your Amazon selling strategies within one single Brightpearl account. This is combined with powerful warehousing and fulfillment features, allowing you to manage multi-inventory sites and automate your fulfillment routing across channels. Brightpearl is the robust back office solution that empowers you to expand your business with ease and minimal overhead increase.

amazon inventory management

"With the help of Brightpearl, we’ve grown over 34% and do 90% of our sales through Amazon. Now that we’re operationally stable, our focus is to grow the business even further.”

Justin Essler, General Manager - Giantnerd

Manage your business with a complete omnichannel retail solution

Brightpearl streamlines and automates back office workflows through managing all orders, inventory, purchasing, CRM, accounting, fulfillment, reporting and POS in one single system. This gives you valuable time back to focus on business growth and improving the customer experience.

brightpearl inventory management icon

Inventory management

Brightpearl’s advanced inventory management and real time inventory updates save your team time and offer your customers a world class experience across all of your channels.

icon indicating real time accounting

Real time accounting

Giving you an instant view of your profitability across all channels, products and customers through integrated real time accounting, we empower you to make better business decisions, quicker.

icon indicating brightpearl retail automation

Retail automation

Focus your staff towards better customer service and valuable growth strategies with streamlined, automated workflows, which easily save time, reduce costs and eliminate errors.

sales order processing icon

Sales order processing

Brightpearl’s order fulfillment options include partial fulfillment, drop-shipping and integrated warehousing, meaning you can efficiently process and manage Amazon orders in a flexible way.

retail crm icon

Retail CRM

Offering a real time 360-degree view of customer information from anywhere, at any time, you can ensure there’s a coordinated, customer-first approach across the business.

data driven decisions icon

Data driven decisions

Brightpearl’s detailed reports show your business’s profitability by channel, customer, SKU and brand, allowing you to improve profits, increase cash flow and make faster business decisions.

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