Inventory management for BigCommerce

Sync inventory across multiple BigCommerce sites, physical stores, warehouses, marketplaces, and other ecommerce platforms in real time. When inventory changes, Brightpearl updates all channels, keeping you from overselling or running low.

Key features that our BigCommerce users love

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Automatic inventory updates

Easily manage inventory levels from one hub. Products are automatically linked by SKU, so the availability of items in BigCommerce will be updated as the inventory levels change in Brightpearl.


Multi-location inventory management

Brightpearl automatically keeps all of your stores across channels in sync in real time. Brightpearl also consolidates all activity, giving you a centralized place to manage orders and inventory.


Nightly bulk synchronization

When inventory levels change, a webhook updates the new quantities in BigCommerce. Brightpearl also does a nightly bulk synchronization to update inventory, in the event of a webhook failure.


Bundle products

Create bundles in Brightpearl by grouping individual products. Each product will have its own record, price, name and inventory level, but will be sold as part of a bundle for one price so you can manage inventory for individual items in Brightpearl.


Warehouse management software

Integrate warehouse management with Brightpearl’s platform. The intuitive system helps you cut down on errors and automatically print labels as BigCommerce shipments are packed.

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Hassle-free returns

Make it easy for customers to initiate the returns process themselves from your BigCommerce website, all without sacrificing warehouse efficiency. A speedy returns process means a faster resale of that product and a happier customer.


Data-driven inventory planning

See inventory data like revenue, profit and turnover in an easy-to-use dashboard that pulls in data from BigCommerce and the rest of your channels. You’ll know how your inventory is performing so you can make informed decisions about your business.


Inventory reports

With Brightpearl Analytics, you get more data about every aspect of your business. Receive low inventory alerts, see product performance, get margins by product and channel, know where you’re most profitable and more – all within the Brightpearl platform.

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