10 phenomenal brands amplifying growth with the power-combo of Brightpearl and Shopify Plus

Brightpearl + Shopifyplus

If you’re in the world of e-commerce, you’ll know about Shopify.

A whopping 87% of merchants use it to create a customized, easy-to-use shopping experience for customers. Of the millions of sellers using Shopify, there’s an estimated 5,300 businesses using its enterprise version, Shopify Plus – with some of the world’s biggest brands like Tesla and Sephora to count among its high profile customers. 

Below we’ve rounded up 10 brands that are combining Shopify Plus’ easy to use storefront with Brightpearl’s made-for-retail operating system, forming a strong, end-to-end operation, built to manage high volume and catapult growth. 

1. Snow Cosmetics 

Snow Cosmetics launched in 2017 on a mission to provide gleaming teeth to the masses and flip the stagnant oral cosmetics industry on its head. The company now operates worldwide, sees a $100M turnover and is publicly endorsed by a stream of A-listers including Chris Pratt and Kim Kardashian. 

The company implemented Brightpearl in 2020, in part for its seamless connectivity with Shopify Plus and ability to manage the order volume Snow was experiencing. Implementing Brightpearl was so easy for Snow, they were up and running with the system in an incredibly swift 90 days. 

2. Piglet in Bed 

Piglet in Bed began with only a Shopify website and three colours of linen bedding and pillowcases. Since then, the British-born brand has attracted big-name retailers such as John Lewis and Nordstrom.

While signing up with Brightpearl during 2020, Piglet in Bed also upgraded from Shopify to Shopify Plus, and levelled up its operations across the board. Since then, its capacity to handle a surge of orders has been rock solid, and manual operations ‘disappeared overnight’. As the brand’s Shopify Plus orders seamlessly flow through to Brightpearl and across its workflows without delaying or breaking under pressure, the company’s potential for growth has soared. 

“Recently we ran a promotion that boosted us from 1,500 monthly orders to 7,000. With the previous setup we would have been copying and pasting stuff all over the place; it would have been impossible. But the Brightpearl system didn’t change, it worked in exactly the same way. We can ride out these sudden changes now and think; ok, our systems can handle it. Time to take the next step.” – Axel Stelk, CFO at Piglet in Bed.

3. Help For Heroes

The renowned British charity Help For Heroes was set up to raise funds to support those who put their lives on the line in the Armed Forces, and all proceeds from its merchandise sales go back to the charity. The charity’s online presence began with only nine products in its Shopify store; growing to over 500 items of merchandise, an increased digital presence and growing base of supporters. The charity upgraded to Shopify Plus, and sought faster, more integrated operational systems to work in tandem with its successful growth.

The Help For Heroes team implemented Brightpearl in only two months, as it seamlessly connected to its Shopify Plus store due to its purpose-built Plug & Play integrations. As soon as the system was successfully up and running, order proficiency increased by 30%. 

4. Nooz Optics

Set up to offer a unique spin on eyewear with its groundbreaking ‘neo binoculars’, France-based brand Nooz Optics had seen huge popularity by the time it signed up with Brightpearl. At the time, orders for its modernised eyewear were increasing, but its disjointed backend systems were buckling – especially as the brand ran four separate Shopify Plus storefronts to facilitate international sales. 

“It was important that our operating system could sync seamlessly with Shopify, as we use Shopify Plus to power our four e-commerce stores. I asked the Shopify community and googled something like ‘best ERP for Shopify brands’ and Brightpearl kept coming up over and over again.” –Antoine Doolaeghe, Co-Founder of Nooz Optics

Since streamlining and speeding up its order workflows with the powerful Brightpearl and Shopify Plus combo, Nooz Optics has amplified its performance for customers – its Trustpilot score has boosted from 1 to 4.4.

5. Porcelain Superstore 

Manchester-based, family-run business Porcelain Superstore specialises in affordable, top-quality wall and floor tiles for kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors. The Shopify Plus company recently saw a mammoth 76% growth rate, so sought a retail operating system that could act as a central source of truth for its multichannel operations. 

By implementing Brightpearl, Porcelain Superstore was able to sync its Shopify Plus powered storefront and all apps in its wider tech stack together with Brightpearl. Now it can see Shopify Plus orders coming in in real-time, as well as data from other apps it uses such as Zendesk – all in one central location.

6. The Flex Company 

When The Flex Company and its star product – an accessible, disposable menstrual disc – came onto the market, it quickly grew in popularity and was soon serving eager customers on both sides of the pond. 

With Brightpearl in place as its central source of truth, the menstrual health brand could ‘stitch together’ key elements of business, including its multiple Shopify Plus stores, rather than using spreadsheets and manual calculations to amalgamate cross-channel performance. With the unbeatable Brightpearl and Shopify Plus combination, The Flex Company completed orders twice as fast and saw 100% YoY growth.

7. Cyberjammies 

A loyal Brightpearl customer for many years, UK nightwear brand Cyberjammies often credits its well-chosen tech stack as the reason it has thrived. With multiple channels including its Shopify Plus webstore, various online marketplaces and big-name UK retailers such as Very, Next and John Lewis, the much-loved pyjama brand has trebled its YoY revenue.

Brightpearl’s progressive integration with Shopify Plus allows the brand to manage increased order volume, and curate a flexible tech stack while maintaining its high level of customer service.

8. Goose & Gander 

Another fashion retailer benefiting from the power-duo of Brightpearl and Shopify Plus, UK unisex apparel brand Goose & Gander found that their order processes became five times faster after integrating the two systems. 

“We love Shopify Plus because it’s so user-friendly and intuitive – and we quickly loved Brightpearl for the exact same reason.” 

 – Olly White, Director of Goose & Gander. 

As Brightpearl communicates with Shopify Plus in real-time, Goose & Gander can rest assured that stock levels on its shopfront are constantly up-to-date, and gain complete visibility and control over everything that happens after a customer hits ‘buy’.

9. Lords & Labradors 

A lux product line that includes a doggy Chesterfield sofa is one of the reasons Lords & Labradors stands out among other brands in the pet retail space. Having launched in 2013, a surge of popularity over the pandemic sent orders through the roof, but gaps in backend workflows meant the brand’s Shopify Plus storefront wasn’t displaying up-to-date stock levels, frustrating customers. 

When the brand seamlessly connected its Shopify Plus business to the Brightpearl retail operating system, it could subsequently automate 80% of its orders, save 35 hours a month and sustain an impressive 100% growth rate

10. Lovepop 

Boston-based card company Lovepop quickly became a disruptor in the $7 billion greeting card industry – first in America, and then the globe. Available online at twenty US retail locations and via thousands of third party retailers, Lovepop’s highly successful business sells more than 100,000 products each month

With such immense success, workflows were hectic and stretched, so Lovepop chose Brightpearl as a progressive means to manage order volume and build a strong operational foundation that would grow as the business did.

Not only has Brightpearl given the brand a real-time view of its stock levels, incoming shipments, and outgoing orders – its seamless communication with Shopify Plus means product counts on Lovepop’s shop front are always up-to-date. This means customers are never disappointed by buying more than what’s in stock, and Lovepop’s end-to-end fulfilment remains robust and reliable.

If you’re a growing e-commerce retail brand looking to integrate and amplify your Shopify Plus workflows, book a demo with Brightpearl today.