Listen: A Three Pronged SaaS Strategy for Success

SAAS revolution show

Since joining Brightpearl as our CEO , Derek O’Carroll has played an integral part in Brightpearl’s huge success, taking our ARR to $18million, helping acquire a $33 million Series C investment led by Sage and positioning us as the number one digital operations platform on the market for firms looking to automate their operations.

Recently Derek appeared on the SaaS Revolution Show where he joined SaaStock’s Alexander Theuma to discuss some of the key strategies behind sustained success in the SaaS environment. If you’re an aspiring business leader, whether in the SaaS world or not, this episode is a must listen for anyone interested in rocket strapping their business and thriving in a competitive online space. 

In just half an hour Derek outlines a three pronged approach to succeeding as a SaaS business, drilling down on the importance of product market fit, pricing strategy and personnel. 

Listen to the full episode of the SaaS Revolution show here.