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trueCABLE remains connected to customers throughout Covid - thanks to Brightpearl

Founded in 2015 to shake up an outdated industry, Missouri-based trueCABLE was created with the simple goal of delivering the fastest, most reliable low-voltage supplies directly to consumers.

“If we didn’t have Brightpearl in place during the pandemic I’m honestly not sure how we would have coped.”

— John Ibbetson, VP of Sales & Business Development, trueCABLE

Initially selling through Amazon, the business soon began selling on Ebay before launching Direct-to-Consumer via its own Shopify powered website. To support its channel expansion the company continued to grow its product collection to create a one-stop-shop of low-voltage supplies, from precision tools and accessories through to connectors and, of course, the brand’s high-quality Ethernet cables.

Despite its rapid success, the business, like many others, was caught unaware by the onset of Covid-19. Fortunately though, it had already taken the decision to ramp up its retail operations with Brightpearl before the pandemic hit.

“If we didn’t have Brightpearl in place during the pandemic I’m honestly not sure how we would have coped”, said John Ibbetson, VP of Sales & Business Development, trueCABLE. “The sheer time we were putting into manual entry to ensure we weren’t overselling was a huge headache. Without Brightpearl it would have been rough and we would have been hit really hard with the increase in online demand and shipments.”

trueCABLE did a lot of heavy lifting which ensured it was prepared for the Black Swan Event of the pandemic, including implementing Brightpearl’s warehouse management system.

“Brightpearl’s WMS was a lifesaver during the early days of the shutdown. It allowed us to offer Seller-Fulfilled-Prime because of our track record of super quick delivery and excellent customer service”, explains John. “The Brightpearl platform helped us so much; the inventory syncing with Amazon was crucial as it meant we never oversold an item or failed to get a product on time – which may have seen us penalised.

“Because of Brightpearl we were able to meet demand, continue to sell via Amazon and ship from our own warehouse throughout Covid, which essentially allowed us to turn a once in a generation crisis into a growth opportunity.”

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