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Evolve Beauty have created an organic and environmentally friendly cosmetics brand.

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Brightpearl is very user friendly, intuitive and a complete software solution for us. I love Brightpearl its brilliant!
— Laura Rudoe, CEO

The background

Evolve Beauty design and market organic cosmetics with environmentally friendly packaging. The beauty products they make aspire to be completely green and use natural ingredients that work in harmony with the body. Laura Rudoe, the company's CEO, began developing her eco-friendly range of products in November 2008 and launched them in October 2009. She sells her beauty products through health food stores and online cosmetic retailers as well as via her own website. Since beginning as a one man band, she has grown her business rapidly outsourcing her manufacturing as well as taking on a number of freelancers. As a self-professed virtual company she operates entirely over the web collaborating with her employees and third party manufacturers. Laura tells us more about her story and how using Brightpearl’s retail management software has helped to maintain and grow her business.

The challenge

“Initially I was working on Sage 50 but found that it was very restrictive. It did not give me the functionality to collaborate over the web. Working from home I need the ability for my third party manufacturer who helps to produce my products, my accountant and a number of freelancers who help with product development, sales and PR to be able to have visibility of all my business’s data. As things stood with Sage if any of them needed access to anything they would need to come to me and work on my computer. On top of travel time and cost, this meant that whilst others were using the system I did not have access to the information that was imperative to letting me get on with running my business.”

Key Challenges:

  • Gaining access to business data
  • Lack of visibility across the business
  • Keeping track of inventory

“I looked at a number of other business software packages to move to including Salesorder, OpenERP and NetSuite. However, these were either too expensive to implement, had a bad reputation for customer support or did not have such a good interface or import functionality as Brightpearl. So I decided to give Brightpearl a try and it has exceeded my expectations in terms of the collaboration I needed as well helping make my business more efficient in ways I had not even imagined.”

The solution

“Brightpearl was extremely easy and cost effective to implement. The import from Sage was quick and incredibly smooth, I was very impressed. Any questions I had were answered quickly and competently by their friendly support team."

“The best thing about Brightpearl is that I can now operate entirely online. The ability to collaborate over the internet means I don’t have to waste money hiring out office space, or on travel and I save time by no longer have to share my system. Overall this equates to my company being more green and cost-effective. Plus because Brightpearl is so incredibly intuitive and easy to use I find it straightforward to train new users on the system."

“Having the multi-warehouse functionality has helped me immensely. Most of my stock is managed externally but some will also sit with me, my freelancers or with the manufacturer. Being able to mark us as separate warehouse facilities means I can keep track of all of my stock all of the time."

“Another great feature of Brightpearl is that it allows me to do tasks in a batch. Customers can be tracked, tagged, emailed and updated in no time at all. This is has streamlined my sales and lead generation by making it easy to communicate with current and potential clients as well as with my suppliers. The reminders are very useful too; they help me to be more effective when it comes to both sales and PR."

“At the same time of moving our website to Brightpearl we decided to look at a new payment system. Brightpearl had an integration with SagePay which was an ideal solution. SagePay takes payments securely online for us and as being a well trusted brand. Its even aided our online conversion rate. The SagePay integration itself was really easy and enables us to have even more information in the Brightpearl system with less chance for mistakes and mix ups between different systems.”

The future 

"Ultimately Brightpearl has helped me to solve all the problems I was experiencing plus a few I didn’t even know I had. My company is now more efficient, more organised and more environmentally friendly without costing me the earth. I look forward to growing my business even further without having to worry about little things, I can concentrate on the bigger picture with Brightpearl.”