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How to Fulfill on Shopify, BigCommerce or Magento

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If you’re wondering how to fulfill on Shopify, BigCommerce or Magento, then these popular e-commerce platforms work in fairly similar ways.

You’ll have the ability to print orders within each platform, which you can use as packing notes, and they each integrate with powerful platforms like ShipStation and Shiptheory to help streamline your shipping workflows.

These features are perfect if you’re just starting out as an e-commerce merchant.

However, once you scale up and start processing hundreds or even thousands of orders per month, your warehouse team will need a tool with built-in warehouse management workflows to avoid mispicks, missed orders and a slow fulfillment process.

A few functions to look for that can rapidly improve your Magento, BigCommerce and Shopify fulfillment processes are:

  • Consolidated picking lists to efficiently process batches of shipments rather than one at a time

  • Barcode scanning to speed up order verification and reduce errors

  • Channel specific packing slips to ensure desired branding across all your sales channels

  • Product tracking by location (i.e. aisle, bay, shelf and bin)

Without these features, warehouse staff typically work at a much slower pace in order to mitigate as many errors as they can – costing you more in processing time. And in some worse cases, your staff maintain speed and make mistakes, leading to lost customers and potentially negative customer reviews.

Managing multiple fulfillment efforts as your business grows can quickly become unmanageable within the admin panel of your webstore; leading to spreadsheets, inaccurate data and missed orders.

Any good inventory and order management tool will have the basics of warehousing and order fulfillment covered – picking up orders from your e-commerce store as they’re made, filtering them through to the appropriate fulfillment streams, facilitating the order assembly through dedicated pick-pack-ship workflows, and then updating your e-commerce store with progress and tracking references.

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It might seem like there is a lot involved in an efficient order fulfillment process. On some level, there is, but with the right technology in place, you should see that the whole process becomes much more simplified, streamlined and far less cumbersome.

To find out more about how we can help you with your own order fulfillment process, take a look at our detailed product page, or book a demo now to see Brightpearl in action.

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