Retail inventory management software

Brightpearl’s automated multi-location inventory tracking ensures you have enough inventory on hand in the right locations to meet demand.


Automated retail inventory management in Brightpearl

Centralized view of your operations@2x

Centralized view of your operations

Manage inventory, orders, warehouses, accounting, fulfillment, shipping, purchasing, suppliers, POS, and CRM all in one centralized system. Avoid errors from manual processes, sync delays, or lost data from disjointed systems.

Unlock omnichannel growth@2x

Manage multichannel & multi-locations with ease

Whether managing multiple inventory locations or inventory across a number of different  channels, inventory levels are automatically updated. Know exactly what inventory you have, how much of it is ready to sell, and where it is.

Smart inventory demand planning _ business intelligence@2x

Smart inventory demand planning & business intelligence

Avoid having either too much cash tied up in excess inventory or insufficient stock. Based on historical performance, put money into the most profitable products and replenish the right inventory, in the right quantity, at the right time. Use Brightpearl’s advanced BI tool to get insights into customers and channel performance.

Automate repeatable tasks@2x

Automate repeatable tasks

Save time in manual tasks tied to inventory control with Brightpearl’s automation engine. Easily set up customized rules to automatically route products to a warehouse, replenish goods via the low inventory report, fulfil goods, select shipping carriers, and more.

Instant view of your financials@2x

Instant view of your financials

Integrate accounting with inventory to gain real-time insight into sales performance, profitability, and costs across all channels.

Trusted by merchants

"Brightpearl’s automated inventory management has ensured we have enough stock in the right locations to meet demand, whilst the reporting intelligence has proved invaluable when making purchasing decisions on different lines of stock."

Sarah Watson, Balineum

"Stockouts and delays frustrate customers immensely and leave a bad taste in their mouth. Fortunately, that’s no longer a problem for us. We now have real-time visibility over our entire inventory, which is so beneficial for delivering seamless shopping experiences"

Lalan Shrikam, Malabar Bay

"We know at any time how much we have of any product so we never have stock-outs or over-order. For the first time ever, we have real visibility into our inventory – we know what we’re carrying and also what we’re selling, so we can forecast accurately like we haven’t been able to do before. Previously, we had to pull our sales out of our various channels and merge that data together."

Alida Sholl, Rep Fitness

"It gave full visibility over our inventory management, while also streamlining our order processing."

David Lochhead, Finlay London

"Before we had Brightpearl, it was insane. We had to manage inventory, demand and forecasting for two separate locations and it became far too complicated. We would often try to guess which region and channel needed the most units and then we would shift the inventory around if a warehouse became depleted. With Brightpearl, we now have a proper planning and purchasing cycle and weekly forecast capabilities."

Jenny Bird, Jenny Bird

Why Brightpearl


Built for retail

From single channel, fast-growth brands, to complex multichannel retailers, our software is designed for retail and wholesale businesses only.


Software with service

Service is an integral part of working with Brightpearl. Our retail consultants get you up and running in 1/3 of the time it takes ERP, and always for a fixed cost. Our in-house team stays with you throughout – from tech support to ongoing business consulting.


Enterprise scale

Black Friday, holiday season, back to school, or whenever your peak period is, Brightpearl is built to scale as you grow. It’s also designed for resilience; an operations platform you can build a business on.

Core features of Brightpearl’s retail Inventory Management System


Multichannel inventory management

With instant inventory updates across all your ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, and brick and mortar stores, know exactly what inventory you have and need.


Barcode your inventory

With Brightpearl’s integrated warehouse management system, simply scan barcodes on items and automatically update inventory levels.


Multi-location inventory control

Inventory levels at any location are automatically updated based on product sales, warehouse-to-warehouse transfers, returns, restocks, and more.


Inventory demand planning

Gain insights into seasonality, best and worst sellers, historic sales data, reorder points, out of stock periods, and more. Make data-driven replenishment forecasting decisions.


Amazon FBA inventory reconciliation

Reconcile Amazon’s inventory directly in Brightpearl. Regardless of stock fluctuations from transfers, returns, or damages, you always keep your inventory accurate.


Accurate accounting for inventory

Use our fully integrated retail accounting or integrate with existing accounting software. Know the true value of your inventory with FIFO (First-in, First-out) inventory valuation, automatic product cost calculations, and accurate landed-cost reporting.


Flexible inventory cycle counting

Focus stock-taking around the bestsellers and highest value items. Make full or partial cycle counts based on location, product attributes, and more.


Integrated shipping and order fulfillment management

Easily manage all your shipping carriers in one place with our shipping integrations. Flexible order fulfillment allows you to partial fulfill, dropship, and manage your back orders with ease.


Product analytics

Transform siloed product data into revenue generating opportunities, with key product metrics at SKU and category level. Identify your best and worst sellers by channel, geography, customer segment, seasonality, and more.


Bill of materials

Track raw material inventory in Brightpearl, and automatically convert into finished goods once they’re assembled. Accounting and inventory adjustments are automatically managed.


Bundle components into products

Easily group unique product categories and manage complex combinations to diversify product offerings. As bundled products are sold, their corresponding inventory is automatically adjusted.


Multiple price lists

Diversify product costs using highly flexible price lists. Assign price lists to vendors for complete accounting and auditing purposes.

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