Easily Manage Inventory, Accurately Predict Demand

Stop over (and under) selling with data-driven insights


Accurate inventory

Are you a multichannel merchant? Good news! Brightpearl automatically updates inventory across all sales channels. Running bricks-and-mortar stores too? No worries. Our integrated POS syncs all your online and offline channels in real time.


Data-driven demand planning

Brightpearl’s integrated Inventory Planner provides data-driven demand forecasting and replenishment recommendations, based on the KPIs that matter most to you. Never again have cash tied up in excess inventory or lose sales due to insufficient stock.


Time-saving automation

Stop wasting all those hours on tedious manual tasks. Quickly set up customized rules to automate time-consuming workflows, from order fulfilment and inventory allocation to shipping and accounting. With Brightpearl’s Automation Engine, the possibilities are endless.


Product performance analysis

Spot your hot (and not-so-hot) products based on metrics such as order volume, revenue, margin or customer lifetime value. Combine data from all your sales channels (yep, even your ad platforms and marketing solutions).


Instant financial insight

Integrate your accounting with your inventory in one central hub to gain real-time insight into sales performance, profitability and costs across all channels.


Speed up the reordering process

Quickly see which products need to be reordered, along with the required quantities, with a handy Replenishment Report. Create purchase orders in one click, saving you hours every month.

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Our customers

Trusted by merchants in every industry

"Brightpearl’s automated inventory management has ensured we have enough stock in the right locations to meet demand, whilst the reporting intelligence has proved invaluable when making purchasing decisions on different lines of stock."

Sarah Watson, Balineum

"Stockouts and delays frustrate customers immensely and leave a bad taste in their mouth. Fortunately, that’s no longer a problem for us. We now have real-time visibility over our entire inventory, which is so beneficial for delivering seamless shopping experiences"

Lalan Shrikam, Malabar Bay

"We know at any time how much we have of any product so we never have stock-outs or over-order. For the first time ever, we have real visibility into our inventory – we know what we’re carrying and also what we’re selling, so we can forecast accurately like we haven’t been able to do before. Previously, we had to pull our sales out of our various channels and merge that data together."

Alida Sholl, Rep Fitness

"It gave full visibility over our inventory management, while also streamlining our order processing."

David Lochhead, Finlay London

"Before we had Brightpearl, it was insane. We had to manage inventory, demand and forecasting for two separate locations and it became far too complicated. We would often try to guess which region and channel needed the most units and then we would shift the inventory around if a warehouse became depleted. With Brightpearl, we now have a proper planning and purchasing cycle and weekly forecast capabilities."

Jenny Bird, Jenny Bird

Why Brightpearl

Streamline your systems, scale up your business

  • Packed with built-for-retail features
  • Hyper-scalable system that extends to suit your needs
  • Top-notch implementation, training and support
  • Certified partner of Shopify & Shopify Plus, BigCommerce and other e-commerce platforms
  • Powering more than 3 million orders a month – and $5 billion of trade a year
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Core Features:
Inventory Management & Demand Planning

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Multichannel inventory management

Instant inventory updates across all your ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, and bricks-and-mortar stores. See real-time info immediately after new orders, replenishment, returns and warehouse transfers.


Automatic multi-location allocation

With Brightpearl’s Automation Engine, you can easily set up rules to allocate orders to different warehouses based on stock level, destination and order contents – and more.


Automated warehouse transfers

Automatically transfer inventory between warehouses – including partial transfers (the perfect solution when not all items in an order are available from a single location).


Data-driven replenishment

Get reliable replenishment recommendations based on your sales history and various forecasting metrics.


Identify overstocked SKUs

With Inventory Planner Premium, easily identify slow moving and overstocked SKUs to free up cash.


Open-to-buy reporting

Understand how much inventory you need to buy on a monthly basis. Allocate corresponding budgets for vendors, categories and brands to meet sales projections.


Rapid replenishment

Quickly and easily create purchase orders directly from the replenishment report in Brightpearl’s Inventory Planner.


Barcode-scanning made simple

With Brightpearl’s integrated warehouse management system, simply scan barcodes on items to automatically update inventory levels.


Product performance analysis

Identify your best and worst sellers by sales channel, ad platform, performance KPIs, geography, customer segment, seasonality – and more.


Easy Amazon FBA reconciliation

Reconcile Amazon’s inventory directly in Brightpearl when stock fluctuations happen, including transfers, returns and damages.


Flexible inventory cycle counting

Make full or partial cycle counts based on product performance, item value, location and more.


Accurate accounting

Know the true value of your inventory with FIFO (First-in, First-out) inventory valuation, automatic product cost calculations, and accurate landed-cost reporting.


Bill of materials

Track raw material inventory in Brightpearl, and automatically convert into finished goods once they’re assembled. Accounting and inventory adjustments are automatically managed.


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