Life is Short.
Let’s Automate.

Stop wasting your valuable time on tedious manual tasks

Would you like to save hundreds of hours every year?

How long do you spend on manual tasks like processing orders, data entry and invoicing?

Hang on, let us answer that for you: too long.

The trouble is, when you manage workflows manually, you don’t have time to focus on the things that really matter, like growing your business or hanging out with your family.

Office work

Automation changes everything.

Perhaps you’ve already tried it, but the system was inflexible or overly complicated.

Luckily, with Brightpearl, it's different.

Our powerful Automation Engine makes it easy to set up rules that will automate almost every workflow in your business.

Save Two months

Life is Short.
Let's Automate.

What would you do with two extra months a year!? Get inspired by businesses like yours which are thriving thanks to Brightpearl’s Automation Engine.

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Typical automation workflows


Automation should save you time and simplify your day. That's why, at Brightpearl, our Automation Engine is easy to understand and use, so you can focus on what you do best - growing your brand.

With pre-built conditions and actions, create smart automation rules that fit your own e-commerce workflows in just a few clicks.

Let's take a look at some of our most popular automation rules…

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Automatically fulfil your orders

The quicker orders can be fulfilled, the happier your customers will be. With automated order fulfillment workflows, you can get more orders out faster.


Set up conditions based on the order's stock allocation status, payment status, sales channel, product type, order status and more.


Automatically fulfil orders with options to enable partial fulfillment, use alternative warehouses and more.

Automate dropshipping

Would you love your dropshipping or back ordering to run like clockwork? With Brightpearl’s Automation Engine, it can.


Add conditions to make the rule only act on orders that need to be dropshipped.


Automatically create and send PO to the dropshipper to ship goods to customers, or ship goods to your warehouse if it’s a back order.

Automatic invoicing

Do you manually send invoices after a customer places an order? Save yourself the hassle - automate it with Brightpearl.


Set up conditions based on shipping and payment status to make sure you only invoice customers when orders are paid and shipped. You can also add other channel-specific or product-specific conditions.


Automatically invoice orders and email (or not) the invoice to the customer.

Optimize order routing

Route orders to the best warehouse to improve efficiency.


Orders can be allocated to different warehouses depending on things like destination or content.


Update the order's fulfillment warehouse to the most relevant location.

Automation in numbers

Bonus benefits…

Reduce human error by

65 percent

Lower labor costs by

50 percent

Cut shipping time by

92 percent

Our customers

See what our customers say

See how our customers free up time with Brightpearl’s Automation Engine so they can grow fearlessly

Snap Supply

" We now save 60 hours per week on order entry alone thanks to its automation component. Before Brightpearl, due to our lack of automation capabilities we were behind on shipping times and overselling on Amazon. We resolved that pretty quickly and I’m happy to say that since implementation we’ve been growing at a rate of between 5 and 10% every month and have tripled our net profits over the last five. "

Nick Ernst, Snap Supply

Fairfax & Favor

" We've relied on Brightpearl's ability to automate aspects of the buying experience, from orders to shipping, to save us time, power our ability to get orders out the door quickly and continue delivering first class customer service. "

Rob Cooper, Fairfax & Favor

Prima Coffee

" As well as the great inventory management features, Brightpearl’s Automation Engine has been a game changer for us. It's helped us speed up our order processing by around 50%. Automation on Brightpearl has given us back the freedom to innovate and focus on our ideas for growing the business. The ideas were always there – we just never had the time to work on them, until now! "

Jordan Kavuma, Prima Coffee

Strength Shop

" The automation features of Brightpearl have made a massive difference. We used to spend ages working out which shipping provider to use depending on the overall weight of an order – some products are very heavy and need a specialist courier – but now the whole process is done automatically. Our time to ship is much quicker. "

Ricky Shah, Strength Shop


" Automation really is magic! There are so many areas of the business we no longer need to think about or touch. The system can also automate so many crucial workflows, from order processing to inventory and shipping, which allows us to eliminate human error, and get items into the hands of our customers much faster. "

Jessica Floyd, trueCABLE

Bodysocks & BargainFox

" Another huge benefit of Brightpearl for us has been the ability to automate shipping methods; we used to have to do this manually on a daily basis, so the software has saved us at least 20 hours a month. "

Jack Lear, Bodysocks & BargainFox

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