Automate the Repeatable, Catch the Exceptional

Automating repeatable, post-purchase operations lets you focus on what matters most - identifying areas to improve or problems to fix to really grow your business.

Automate the repeatable, catch the exceptional@2x

Rule-Based Automation Engine

Automation page_Process more orders with the same amount of staff

Process more orders with the same amount of staff

Add efficiency to your team with Brightpearl’s powerful automation engine, which automates all critical order processing operations, from order fulfillment, to shipping, inventory allocation, and invoicing.

Manage by exception@2x

Manage by exception

As Brightpearl automates your repeatable, routine operations, you’re able to focus on the exceptional orders, products, suppliers, or customers that most need your attention.

Fewer mistakes mean happier clients@2x

Fewer mistakes mean happier clients

Mispicks, mispacks, mistakes. All these manual errors can cost you your client base. Automating your retail order management and warehouse operations is the key to eliminating those errors, giving you happy customers who shop from you again and again.

Automation page_Enable fast and flexible deliveries

Enable fast and flexible deliveries

Our rule-based automation can be configured to select the most suitable shipping method for each order. Whether the customer wants it the next day or through standard delivery, automation ensures you’re as efficient as possible.

Unlock omnichannel growth@2x

Unlock omnichannel growth

High order volumes and multichannel order fulfillment are overwhelming when selling on multiple platforms. With Brightpearl’s automation engine, you can easily configure automatic order and inventory management workflows for each sales channel. That ensures a seamless shopping experience for every customer.

Trusted by merchants

"We went from nought to ten on a scale of automation in just two months. We’re now processing orders much faster than ever before!"

Allen Zhao, Amazing Wireless LLC

"Another huge benefit of Brightpearl for us has been the ability to automate shipping methods; we used to have to do this manually on a daily basis, so the software has saved us at least 20 hours a month."

Jack Lear, Bodysocks &

"Automation really is magic! There are so many areas of the business we no longer need to think about or touch. The system can also automate so many crucial workflows, from order processing to inventory and shipping, which allows us to eliminate human error, and get items into the hands of our customers much faster."

Jessica Floyd, trueCABLE

"The sheer amount of automation the system offers, from order processing to inventory and shipping, provided us with the breathing room to focus on delivering first class customer service, whilst also getting our own house in order, implementing new social-distancing and safety guidelines to respond to the logistical challenges brought about by the pandemic."

Rupert Hughes, CoolBlades

"We’re using Brightpearl Automation to allocate and fulfill orders automatically – we’re now processing them 30% faster! It’s put our business firmly back in control – while also leading to happier customers."

Alida Sholl, Rep Fitness

Why Brightpearl


Built for retail

Brightpearl is specifically designed for retail and wholesale businesses, which means you won’t pay for any unnecessary functionality or costly customizations.


Software with service

Our retail consultants accompany you throughout the entire partnership, from project scoping to implementation, offering 24/7 tech support and  ongoing business consulting.


Agility at scale

Whether it’s preparing for the holiday rush or responding to sudden market changes or shifting business directions, Brightpearl’s agile operations help you scale with a platform you can build your business on.

Core features of Brightpearl’s Automation Engine


Automate order fulfillment workflows

Easily automate order fulfillment and inventory allocation based on a vast range of configurable conditions and fulfillment options. That lets you create rules that meet the needs of your business.


Automatic dropshipping 

Automatically raise a purchase order with your supplier when dropshipping goods, and choose which supplier based on your preferences.


Automate multi-location fulfillment

If inventory is stocked in multiple warehouses, our automation engine can find inventory to fulfil an order in the warehouses that you choose and in the order you set, saving time on manual inventory allocation.


Automatic purchase order creation 

Automatically choose from the cheapest, primary, or specified supplier for each item when you’re out of stock in the warehouse or for your normal business operations.


Automatic partial fulfillment

Enable partial allocation in automation rules, to get any available items to your customers as soon as possible.


Automated warehouse transfers

Automate warehouse transfers in selected warehouses for either unallocated inventory or a full order. Enable partial transfer when not all items are available from a single location.


Invoice your orders without lifting a finger

Ensure your accounting is always up-to-date by automatically invoicing orders that are fully paid and shipped, or at any other stage of the process you choose.


Configure your own rules

Easily determine which orders should be picked up by the Automation engine or managed manually, and assign associated actions to each rule to meet your desired workflows.


Automation works to your schedule

By default, automation works around the clock, processing orders as soon as possible. But we also have a range of scheduling options to suit your needs. Choose from daily, weekly, or monthly routines so the automation engine only runs when you want it to.


Tag customers for targeted marketing

Use the automation engine’s configurable rules to tag customers based on what they’re buying. Sync these tags with your customer lists in MailChimp or other marketing platforms, for true campaign automation.

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