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Brightpearl's automated shipping management and order fulfillment solutions help you process more orders faster. By combining sales, inventory and purchase data, simplify your workflows to focus more of your resources on growth. With efficient pick, pack and ship capabilities, eliminate errors and ensure the best possible service for your customers.

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“Many of the repetitive mundane tasks such as order fulfillment and allocating shipping methods are now done by Brightpearl Automation which saves a lot of time.”

Angie Sole, Herbert Sports

Flexible Shipping and Order Fulfillment

Brightpearl’s fully integrated and easy to use order fulfillment has all of the features you need to efficiently scale your business. Automate and configure the system to align with your processes and simplify the way orders are received, processed, and shipped.

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Automated order fulfillment workflows

Leverage the power of automation to save time on order fulfillment and automatically trigger actions you need at all times in the order process. Based on the activity, choose from over 25 specific automation conditions and the corresponding actions. Define, schedule and get reports on your automated processes and refine them as needed.

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Amazon FBA Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Gain full control of order shipment routing by mapping Brightpearl to Amazon fulfillment centers and your sales channels. Configure the point within your order workflow to trigger shipments to be sent to Amazon, ensuring correct requests are sent to Amazon and therefore minimizing errors and fees.

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Multi-warehouse order fulfillment

Track and manage inventory in a store, warehouse, at a supplier, or all of the above. Powerful inventory and order fulfillment features let you seamlessly allocate inventory from multiple places and transfer between physical locations to ensure your products are where you need them to be.

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Automated ecommerce dropshipping

Define and automate dropshipping scenarios for a certain group of customers, a specific shipping method, or a category of products.

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Automated order splitting

Automatically put unfulfilled items on back order to eliminate the possibility of missing any items when shipping an order.

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Integrated shipping labels

Use one of our shipping management integrations to easily and efficiently generate shipping labels for your orders. Brightpearl will keep your courier up-to-date with shipment information and ensure smooth operations.

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Order routing based on FIFO

With FIFO (first-in, first-out) architecture, older inventory will automatically be used first to fulfill orders unless you need to do otherwise.

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Partial fulfillment for automatic back orders

Directly assign inventory sources when fulfilling an order with powerful order fulfillment features without having to transfer inventory to ship orders, even if products are kept in different locations. If products can’t be shipped, Brightpearl will split the order and put those on back order, allowing you to invoice the rest.

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Configurable pick, pack and ship workflows

Use Brightpearl to drive your goods out process and print, pick, pack and ship your goods easily. For even more powerful workflow management and hardware integration, use barcodes, batch picking, and more with Brightpearl WMS.

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Custom shipping methods

Create your shipping methods and define channel-specific templates for packing notes. If shipping internationally, choose to flag shipping methods for particular countries for further customization.

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Modular shipping prices for phone orders

Configure cost breaks for your different shipping methods. Choose if shipping costs should be split according to the price, weight or quantity of shipped products.

Benefits of easy and fast order fulfillment and shipping

  • Process more orders with less staff

  • Exceed customer expectations with fast shipping

Process more orders with less staff

Stop spending hours on manual tasks and get your time back by automating your order fulfillment and warehouse management processes. Using Brightpearl's powerful automation, your fulfillment team can get the right orders out the door faster.

“Brightpearl has definitely saved us time, we need less staff to do the same jobs as before.”

- Ben Johnson, Casey’s Distributing

Exceed customer expectations with fast shipping

As customer expectations grow around when and how they receive your order, it's critical to offer quick options that are affordable for both you and your customers. Brightpearl's leading shipping management integrations like Amazon FBA and 3PL, along with flexible delivery options like drop-shipping and partial shipments, allow you to configure rule-based automation to select the best shipping method for each order.

Our customers ship 2 times faster after deploying Brightpearl

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World class integrations

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“It’s great for the business and the customer experience overall. Plus we can get orders out over 70% faster.”

Wave McFarland, The Woolery

A powerful all-in-one retail operations platform for retailers and wholesalers

Process more orders faster with efficient shipping and order fulfillment software that’s integrated with the rest of your business, ensuring your inventory, purchasing, CRM, warehouses, accounting, reporting and POS workflows are all running smoothly together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Brightpearl integrate with shipping carriers and automate tracking references?

Through the use of industry standard apps, such as ShipStation and ShipTheory, you can integrate all the leading carriers with Brightpearl. These apps will ensure the correct shipping method and postage cost is applied to all orders, while tracking references and packing labels will be automatically sent back to Brightpearl. From there, Brightpearl handles customer communication and can be setup to notify customers instantly when there are relevant shipping updates. 

A reliable integration to providers like ShipStation and ShipTheory also means all your relevant product information such as package weight, order value and other details are shared between both platforms, ensuring the correct postage cost and shipping method is applied, based on your own selected preferences and as per each carriers’ own requirements.

How does Brightpearl integrate with 3PLs?

We have a thriving ecosystem of partners who have built integrations to connect with 3PL systems. If your 3PL integration is not provided by our partners or you want to have a direct integration to your own 3PL, we have an open API which means that your developer can link your 3PL to Brightpearl easily. This allows for inventory updates to and from your 3PL as well as the sending of customer orders for fulfillment by your 3PL.

How does Brightpearl work with FBA?

Our native Amazon integration ensures FBA orders are handled automatically. Order downloads are automatic and each order is given either an FBA or FBM status, so you can quickly identify which orders need your input and which don’t. Through multiple warehouse capabilities, you can clearly separate your privately warehoused inventory from your FBA inventory, while orders are automatically assigned the appropriate warehouse. 

This ensures your inventory levels are kept in sync across all integrated channels. You can also easily manage transfers to and from your warehouses to FBA fulfillment centers, while all associated journals are accounted for automatically. For more details, take a look at our FBA info page.

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