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Retail ERP alternative for Shopify and Shopify Plus

Trusted Partner of Shopify - Shopify employs Brightpearl’s retail-tailored Digital Operations Platform to automate and support the fulfillment and distribution of new hardware to merchants with physical stores.

Key features that our Shopify and Shopify Plus users love


Multichannel inventory management

With automatic channel updates happening from your Shopify stores within seconds, know exactly what inventory you need to ensure a frictionless experience for your customers. Stay in control of your inventory and make fast, effective business decisions.

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Inventory demand planning

Understand exactly how your inventory is performing on your Shopify stores with access to data like seasonality, out of stock periods, average sales, trends, and product lead times. Take the guesswork out of what needs to be ordered by knowing what products are needed, when, and for whom with true demand driven forecasting.


Sales order management

Create a frictionless shopping experience on your Shopify sites. With automated order processing workflows, take control of your orders across all sales channels while maintaining strong customer loyalty and client relationships.


Flexible shipping and order fulfillment

Process your Shopify orders faster by automating and configuring Brightpearl to align with your processes. Simplify how orders are received, processed and shipped with streamlined workflows, helping to create a frictionless experience for your customers.


Fully integrated warehouse management

Integrate your warehouse management with Brightpearl’s complete retail operations platform, connecting all of your inventory corrections, returns, sales orders, and purchases with real-time inventory management and accounting


Accurate retail accounting

Built specifically for retail and wholesale businesses, get real-time insight into sales performance across all your Shopify sites, profitability, and costs, all from the same system you use to manage sales, purchasing, inventory, customers, and suppliers.


Reporting & business intelligence

Maximize your profits and margins with clear visibility into your business’s performance. Monitor, report, and analyze where improvements need to be made and implement the decisions that make the most sense for complete optimization.


Retail CRM

Automate and accurately target your email marketing and develop a coordinated, customer-first approach across the business. Understand the buying behavior of your customers on all your sales channels and personalize your communications with customizable tags based on their buying characteristics or behaviors.


Integrated POS

As inventory is sold on your Shopify POS, all other sales channels are updated automatically. Centralize, track, and manage sales, inventory, customer details, and payments in real time with your POS. To support those efficiencies, designate a separate warehouse for POS orders to fulfill from.


Centralized purchasing & supplier management

Ensure you’re meeting demand with a fully integrated replenishment and purchasing solution that links inventory levels with your sales performance. See a complete audit log of your supplier contact records and get real-time accounting updates to optimize the supplier fulfillment process.

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