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Trusted Partner of Shopify - Shopify employs Brightpearl’s retail-tailored Digital Operations Platform to automate and support the fulfillment and distribution of new hardware to merchants with physical stores.

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Grow your Shopify and Shopify Plus stores with automatic order fulfillment, flexible fulfillment options, multichannel order management and multi-location inventory management. Brightpearl also provides you with unique functionality to make your order management workflows even more efficient on Shopify.

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Shopify order management

As soon as orders are placed on your Shopify store, our integration downloads order details to Brightpearl and automatically routes them to the appropriate fulfillment center, while updating inventory levels in real time across all your sales channels.


Shipping carrier mapping

Control shipping carriers on Shopify by mapping Shopify shipping carriers to Brightpearl shipping methods so that correct carrier-specific fulfillment information is sent to Shopify.


Multichannel fulfillment with FBA

Integrate Amazon MCF with Brightpearl to make sure orders from your Shopify stores are fulfilled quickly and accurately via FBA. Fulfill orders faster and with greater accuracy to ensure a frictionless buying experience for your customers.


Partial fulfillment and dropshipping

Once a dropshipped order has been shipped, all relevant shipping information including the method and tracking reference details are sent back to Brightpearl. For partial shipments, a shipment update is sent to Shopify for each separate shipment made in Brightpearl.


Integrated point of sale

Access all sales, inventory, customer order and communication history from Shopify across multiple locations with your Brightpearl integrated POS, giving your staff all the information they need to engage and delight your customers.


Endless aisle

Save a sale that might have been lost from a stock-out with Brightpearl Endless Aisle. Place orders for items that are not currently in stock and get them delivered to the local store from external warehouses. You can also decide how each item in the basket should be fulfilled – immediately from that store, from an alternative source or even back ordered.

Two-way seamless integration between Shopify and Brightpearl


Shopify updates Brightpearl

  • Shopify orders are created in Brightpearl, creating new customers or updating existing ones
  • Payments are created in Brightpearl and associated orders are marked as paid
  • A sales credit and refund is automatically created in Brightpearl when a return is processed in Shopify
  • Use skeleton product records to speed up new product range creation

Brightpearl updates Shopify

  • Any inventory level changes happen in Brightpearl will be synced to Shopify
  • Manage prices in Brightpearl in the currency of each Shopify account
  • Shipments and tracking reference are sent to Shopify and customers get notified

Two-way sync

Manage multiple stores associated to the same Shopify Plus account in Brightpearl

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“Using Brightpearl allows us to process orders twice as fast as before, giving us the confidence to introduce multiple delivery options, including late next-day delivery services, as we now know that we will be able to fulfill our service promises effectively.”

Andy Lockley, Head of Ecommerce, Love Shopping Direct

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Omnichannel Retail Operations Platform for Shopify & Shopify merchants


Omnichannel inventory management

  • Powerful inventory reporting
  • Multi-location inventory management
  • Automatic multichannel inventory sync
  • Automatically create sales credits from returns
  • Bundle products with Shopify

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Integrated warehouse management

  • Hassle-free returns management
  • Multi-location inventory management
  • Warehouse management for Shopify POS orders
  • Automated shipping integrations
  • Configurable warehouse workflows

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Retail ERP alternative

  • Multi-location inventory management
  • Inventory demand planning
  • Multichannel order management
  • Advanced shipping and order fulfillment
  • Integrated warehouse management
  • Integrated retail accounting
  • Powerful reporting & business intelligence
  • Retail CRM
  • Integrated POS
  • Purchasing & supplier management

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