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Warehouse management for Shopify and Shopify Plus

Trusted Partner of Shopify - Shopify employs Brightpearl’s retail-tailored Digital Operations Platform to automate and support the fulfillment and distribution of new hardware to merchants with physical stores.

Key features that our Shopify and Shopify Plus users love


Fully integrated warehouse management

Integrate your warehouse management with Brightpearl’s complete retail operations platform, and connect all your one-off inventory corrections, returns, sales orders and purchases with real-time inventory management and accounting.

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Hassle-free returns management

Allow customers to manage their own returns without putting additional demand on your customer services team. Customers simply ship items back to you, automatically creating the sales credit process on receipt of those returned items.


Multi-location inventory mapping

Allocate inventory across all of your warehouses to the inventory availability on your Shopify sites. Split fulfillments across multiple warehouses, depending on what inventory is available and automate split shipments across warehouses.


Warehouse management for Shopify POS orders

Select and designate a Brightpearl warehouse to use for inventory allocation, fulfillment, and shipping in Brightpearl for all of your Shopify POS orders.


Automated shipping integrations

Integrate with leading shipping providers for flexibility in carrier options. With seamless integrations to a number of different 3PL systems, print labels automatically as shipments are packed and eliminate the time spent manually creating shipping labels and manifests.


Configurable warehouse goods out workflows

Set up your prefered criteria to batch shipments together to increase productivity and reduce warehouse journeys. Customize your goods out process and save time by creating the most efficient pick routes through the warehouse.

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