7 tips to achieve glowing reviews on Amazon

7 Tips to achive glowing amazon product reveiws


For Amazon sellers, positive feedback is pure gold. It reflects a commitment to quality, products and service. It’s not just nice to get positive feedback, it’s essential.

Reviews are central to the entire Amazon customer experience. Unbiased opinions promote trust and engagement by plugging the knowledge gaps in the customer journey.

Sellers who get positive feedback are rewarded by Amazon, keep shoppers on the site and convert more sales.

Shoppers can form an opinion after reading as few as three reviews, and your feedback rating is the single most influential factor.

But rather than rushing off and start digging for compliments, here are seven nuggets of customer support wisdom that will win you more positive feedback:

1. Respond quickly

When a customer needs help, a speedy reply creates instant goodwill. High-level customer support is a key differentiator and fast responses are evidence you provide it. When it’s easy for customers to get help and reassurance they will reward the seller. 


2. Make it personal

Don’t be afraid to show personality in customer messages. Using friendly and open language creates a conversational tone. The personal touch improves trust and generates a more authentic bond. Buyers are more likely to view you positively if they can relate to you as an individual.


3. Ask for more feedback

Every positive review increases the chance that someone else will buy from you. It’s estimated that only 5% of Amazon buyers ever leave feedback. If you’re offering great products and service you deserve to get the benefits. Prompting more buyers to leave feedback with ‘courteous, relevant and appropriate’ messages is within Amazon rules and is recommended.


4. Provide tracking

Tracking may be an additional cost but its a win-win for you and the customer. Shipping is a major source of anxiety for many buyers, when it’s tracked, the uncertainty is removed. Tracking lets you signpost the progress of deliveries and gives the buyer the information they need.


5. Be an A-Lister

Misleading listings confuse buyers and prevent you from managing their expectations. Products are more likely to disappoint buyers and generate negative feedback if the description doesn’t match the product’s actual condition, features or functionality. Make sure that your product listings are both accurate and helpful.

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6. Prioritize responses

Identifying problems quickly gives you more chance to positively influence the customer. That means organizing your business to deal with the important messages first and prevent escalations. You’ll encourage positive feedback by reacting early to overturn the buyer’s early opinion of you.


7. Anticipate problems

If a certain product generates repeat queries, give customers helpful information in advance so they don’t have to initiate contact. You can address recurring issues by sending a post-purchase message – providing them with information about shipping, delivery and more – so you reduce the potential for buyer dissatisfaction.

Influence customers with great service and you will motivate them to leave positive feedback.

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