Get the tech secrets to supercharge your business: the Lightning 50 Top Retail Tech Guide

Lightning 50 Top retail tech guide

In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, what do you think the fastest-growing businesses hail as the secret ingredient to their success?

Nope – it’s not a clever sales strategy

It’s not about product innovation alone, nor hiring extra staff. 

According to top business owners themselves, it’s all down to having the right retail technology that can empower or free a business to grow fearlessly.

At Brightpearl, we recently produced the Lightning 50 league table – a ranking of the UK’s fastest-growing e-commerce businesses, who, between them, achieved an average growth rate of 518% over the past year alone!

We asked these companies to give us the lowdown on the retail tech tools that have been essential to their astonishing growth and success. 

Now that insight is all yours – we’ve laid it out for free in our Lightning 50 Top Retail Tech Guide.

In this exclusive Brightpearl guide, you’ll discover:

  • How today’s e-commerce retailers are getting ahead of competitors with a carefully curated, flexible tech stack
  • The top 10 tech tools that the fastest-growing businesses are using to fuel their immense growth – revealed
  • Industry-breakdowns of the top growth-driving tech tools – in sports, homeware, fashion and more 
  • Firsthand insight from two Lightning 50 success stories
  • The innovative Brightpearl tools that multiple brands cite as invaluable to their growth.

Tech may be something of a background hero, but it runs to the core of every successful e-commerce business. Don’t wait on amping it up for your business.

Get the lowdown with the Brightpearl Lightning 50 Top Retail Tech Guide today.