Get Your Free Brightpearl Guide: The 7 Step Framework a Successful Backend Software Implementation

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Are you all set to install a new backend operating system for your business, but feel the high failure rate of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation looming over your decisions? 

Worried about the prospect of installing an OMS (Order Management System) or WMS (Warehouse Management System) all by yourself? 

Are you completely in the dark over what new system will even suit your business?

It’s a fact – setting up a new backend operating system can be an overwhelming prospect, especially when thousands of businesses who undergo an ERP, OMS or WMS implementation face myriad problems; such as integration issues, incompatibility, delayed data migration, eye-watering extra costs – or in 50-75% of cases, total implementation failure. 

The good news? Implementation doesn’t have to be so risky.

At Brightpearl we know that for an operating system to work in harmony with your business, it has to start with a thoughtful and strategic implementation.

So in this new Brightpearl guide, we’ve used the damning stats surrounding backend software implementation to get back to basics, and provide you with a clear, 7 step framework to ensure implementation of your next big tech project is a success – without disrupting your team for months, or even years on end. 

In this free Brightpearl guide, find out: 

  • The most common reasons for implementation failure according to US and UK enterprises – and how you can avoid them yourself 
  • How to create a fail-safe strategy to keep you on track throughout the process
  • How to use the experiences of others to inform your choices – and where to find the best resources
  • Tips to prepare your workforce and get them involved in the execution
  • First-hand case studies of successful and unsuccessful implementation; what they did right and what went wrong
  • The lowdown over self-guided vs expert-led implementation 
  • How to choose an operating system that will successfully integrate with the unique workflows of your business.

By following the steps in this free, insight-packed guide, fast-growing retailers ready to level up their business operations can arm themselves with expert information, giving them the confidence to go all-in with their next big tech project. 

Download the guide here for free.