Less Risk, More Growth: 3 Technologies to Scale your Business in 2017 [Webinar]

Running a retail business isn’t always easy. You come face-to-face with risks on a daily basis with some of the biggest threats including the risk of overselling due to inaccurate inventory, the chance of being the targeted by online fraudsters, and the possibility of struggling to accurately collect sales tax. If you’re focused on growth, it’s important to eliminate these risks so you can put your mind at ease and focus on the success of your retail business.

That’s why we hosted a webinar, with the experts from TaxJar and Signifyd, on how retail technology can help you eliminate these risks and scale your business in 2017 and beyond. Don’t miss out, watch the webinar today! 


Here’s the 3 main points that are covered in the webinar:

1. Optimize your operations

Have you experienced overselling due to inaccurate inventory, mispicks due to ineffective warehouse processes, or customer complaints because of fulfillment delays? It’s pretty common for growing multichannel merchants to experience issues like these before they have the right technology in place to help streamline processes. In the webinar, Brightpearl’s very own Kenny Johnson shares how software can help you keep inventory up-to-date,  improve warehouse efficiency, and keep customers updated with live shipping updates. That way you should never have to worry about overselling, mispicks or fulfillment delays again!

2. Eliminate the risk of fraud

Merchants, especially those selling online, face the huge challenge of fighting fraud. With an increasing number of attacks on ecommerce businesses and liability for fraud being placed on the retailer, it can be easy for merchants to be over-cautious by declining too many non-fraudulent orders. Signifyd not only helps with reducing fraud but also, increases efficiency through fewer declined orders resulting in an increase in revenue, automates the order review process so you can fulfill orders faster, and eliminates losses from fraudulent chargebacks. Watch the webinar to learn more on how you can reduce fraud from Signifyd’s Skye Spear.

3. Best practices for handling sales tax

Are you wasting too much time on reporting and filing your sales tax when you could be spending your time on more profitable tasks? Or are you unsure if you’re collecting the right amount of tax from each customer? If you answered yes, it’s not surprising as handling your sales tax for your retail business can be a very manual and daunting task, especially when the processes can vary by each U.S. state. It doesn’t have to be that difficult, in the webinar Ryan Thompson from TaxJar shares the easiest way to collect, report and file sales tax in your business, so you can feel confident you’re on the right side of the tax collector.

Want to learn more? Watch the webinar now!