Have You Achieved Omnichannel Retail Excellence? [Quiz]

Omnichannel survival quiz

At Brightpearl, we’ve always understood the importance of a strong multichannel strategy, and have provided thousands of retailers with reliable back office software to enable them to compete successfully.

More recently, the concept of omnichannel, and providing a seamless, barrier-free shopping experience to all customers (no matter how they heard of you), has been growing more and more in importance.

However, a survey we conducted earlier this year found that just 8% of retailers feel they’ve truly mastered omnichannel.

This is partly why our Founder, Chris Tanner, and CEO, Derek O’Carroll wrote a book, entitled ‘The Omnichannel Survival Guide: For the New Retail Reality’, which is all about how to traverse the modern omnichannel landscape.

Short on time? Take our quick quiz now to find out whether you’ve achieved omnichannel excellence, or if you need to sharpen up your skills quickly!

The Omnichannel Survival Guide: For the New Retail Reality

In a recent interview with Chris Tanner, he said:

“The book talks about the world of modern retail, where consumers are always online, moving between locations, devices and channels. They expect a seamless and personalized experience whether they use your website or your store, whether they send an email or call you on the phone.

“It’s about the challenges that retailers face when trying to serve these customers; all the way from marketing through order processing to after-sales care. The book also looks at how a sustainable and ethical approach to business can pay dividends, with examples from some of the biggest brands out there.

“Hopefully the book will get your mind thinking about some of the solutions to the challenges of retail today.”

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There are ten chapters in total, covering many different aspects of omnichannel retail:

  • The Transition to Omnichannel
  • Be Where Your Customers Are
  • The Omnichannel Buying Experience
  • Turbocharge Your Order Processing
  • Managing Returns
  • After the Sale
  • Accounting for Omnichannel
  • Omnichannel Inventory Management
  • Reporting, Analytics & Insights
  • Think Bigger Than Your Brand

Want the full ebook now? You can buy it from Amazon for just 99p!

Have You Achieved Omnichannel Excellence?

Alongside reading the book, there is also a quick quiz you can take.

Find out whether you’ve already achieved omnichannel excellence, need to sharpen up your survival skills, or if your current approach is leaving you endangered in this new retail landscape.

There are twenty questions in total, which cover all the different parts of omnichannel retail, like the book does. So along the way, you may even establish yourself where you can make improvements.

Have you achieved omnichannel excellence? Take the quiz now!

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