Introducing The Post Pandemic Health Checker – Is your business prepared for a second wave?

The Post Pandemic Health Checker

We’re pleased as punch to announce the launch of our brand new and completely free online health check to help retailers to gauge whether they are ready for a second wave of Coronavirus.

Shockingly, more than half of retailers have made no preparations for a second wave of Covid-19, despite 44% of businesses admitting they do not believe they could survive a second wave of the Virus.

Getting Fighting Fight

Understandably, it’s a daunting task to try and complete a comprehensive audit of your end-to-end customer experience, and identify areas to improve while still running your day-to-day business. The good news is there is a new tool which does that for you! Our health check offers an almost instant health diagnosis for firms selling online – including tailored survival tips depending on size, whether it sells through Amazon and eBay, and the performance of online reviews and star ratings.

We’re launching our Post-Pandemic Health Checker with the survival of ecommerce  companies top of mind. The 5 minute quiz that will provide your firm with a health grade and diagnosis of whether your store is capable of dealing with a resurgence in the disease.

We work with thousands of retailers and have been collating data on the common factors behind why brands have experienced success or failure during the crisis – all of which has been distilled into the new tool. One aspect of the health check is an assessment of the ability of a business to quickly move to an online model in the event of another lockdown, and whether or not the company has the tools to adequately handle large spikes in online demand. 

A Retail Meteor

On the launch of the health checker, Brightpearl CEO Derek O’Carroll says: “Covid-19 is the retail equivalent of a meteor impact: an existential event that changes the composition of the industry and, sadly, as we’ve witnessed, the eradication of many businesses.

“We’ve seen huge digital transformation in the retail industry in a matter of months as companies look to adapt to the disruption, but the majority simply haven’t had the time to consider and plan for what the future looks like post-pandemic. That’s a dangerous position to be in, especially with the looming threat of a second wave of the virus.

“Our free business health checker has been designed for busy firms to quickly assess the health of their current retail operations. Now, more than ever, it’s vital to take stock and understand what areas of the business need a tune up – its long-term survival may very well depend on it.”

Time for a Check Up 

Figures show that more than 100,000 businesses have shut permanently since the pandemic escalated in March.

With the threat of a second wave looming, don’t be one of them. Take the time to look at your ecommerce operations, assess the health of your business and get some actionable advice on what to do next. 

Take the 5-minute test now.