Spring Cleaning for Your Retail Business: 5 Tips to Help Your Store Shine


As Winter quickly passes and Spring slowly comes to life, consumers and retailers alike can look forward to longer days, propped retail doors and new inventory to takeover store shelves. Unlike an official start of a new season on the calendar, however, retailers have the luxury of slowly transitioning into Spring from Winter – allowing them to gradually update their store merchandising, displays, operations and overall store health. Keeping this in mind, aim to refresh and bring renewal to your store along the way as you welcome Spring into your business strategy. To help? Consider these five tips.

Tip #1: Refresh Your Store Interior with a Splash of Color

Damaged walls or torn carpet making your store look drab? Consider what may need some TLC in your retail space and refresh these areas with pops of color. If your store entry has seen a lot of love, for example, and is beginning to look beat up and worn down, consider how a fresh coat of paint can bring it back to life and looking sharp for Spring. It can even be as simple as updating an area rug – which is an affordable, non-committal investment that can help bring Spring to life in your store. Want to go even bolder? Paint your signature or favorite color on an accent wall, helping to give new life to your entire retail environment. Add some fresh flowers or plants to your check-out area and customers will undoubtedly begin to feel the Spring vibe your store is giving off.

Tip #2: Strengthen Your Curb Appeal

The inside of your store is certainly a key area for your customers to enjoy, but don’t overlook the value of your curb appeal as well. This is the area that often, customers make their first impressions of your store on, so invest both time and a little bit of money into making this as Spring ready as possible. Planters with colorful blooms or simple topiary placed outside your door are fresh and inviting, while a friendly welcome mat outside your store door is always a nice way to greet customers. Better yet? Both. Combining Spring flowers with a friendly greeting is always a win – but don’t neglect your window displays, either. Plan now for what will make your window displays stand out among your local streets and prepare necessary inventory, props and fixtures to ensure you can get your windows Spring ready on-time for the official start of Spring.

Tip #3: Look at Your Numbers

With modern POS systems and data easier than ever to generate nowadays, there’s no excuse for merchants not to be regularly reviewing their store numbers. From social media engagement to inventory management to customer activity and more, numbers offer valuable insight for retailers to better understand their business. Spring is a great reminder to review these numbers, specifically narrowing in on inventory management, store financials and overall planning needs that can be better determined based off data.

Tip #4:  Introduce Something New to Your Business

Just like April showers bring May flowers, when you nurture something in your business, new things can grow. Keeping this in mind, what do you want to do to help your own business this Spring? Possibly you’ve wanted to host some employee customer service trainings, or maybe you have wanted to introduce product knowledge trainings for your team… or both. Possibly you want to finally offer customers a loyalty program. Whatever it is that you want for your business, there’s no better time than now to get it organized and begin planning it. Spring is the perfect time of year to introduce something new – particularly when it will benefit your business.  

Tip #5: Get Rid of Anything Broken, Out-of-Date or Simply Not Working

From slow-moving inventory, to slacker employees, to failed POS systems; Spring is your wake-up call to get rid of anything holding your business back from being the best it can be. Push any emotional attachments you may have aside and reflect on all aspects of your business to identify what’s working and what’s not. While this isn’t always easy to do, it’s always necessary. And with the warmth of Spring on your side, good things will come only when you make room for good things to be welcomed.  So what are you waiting for? Clean, trash, donate, let go and identify what’s been slowing your store down in an effort to help it speed up and be the best it can be.

Finally, say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring with a little TLC for yourself as well. A day off, a weekend away, a night out with friends… find your happy place to get away so that you can come back refreshed and ready to tackle another season of retail!

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