The risks of DIY implementation: watch this video case study with USA Lab

When it comes to implementing a new software system, we already know there’s plenty that can go wrong. Not only do 50-75% of ERP or OMS implementations fail the first time around, but our latest report found that almost a quarter of enterprises (24% UK and 23% US) blamed ‘self-guided implementation’ as their reason for failure.

This was exactly the case for USA Lab, a multi-channel lab equipment retailer who chose to install well-known OMS in an effort to upgrade its backend operations. 

In a new Brightpearl video interview, Matt Wisniewski, COO of USA Lab, explains why he chose Cin7 as ‘the cheapest route’ – and how cutting costs in this way led to more issues than he bargained for. 

The key pitfalls:

  • As is common with OMS providers, Matt was provided with DIY instructional documents to carry out the implementation himself…
  • Far along in the process, problems arose when Cin7 wouldn’t successfully integrate with the retailer’s popular accounting software.

As the Cin7 installation was near completion when it failed, Matt felt let down at a crucial stage.

“I’d spent my money on it already, then when we were around 95% done, it wouldn’t connect,” he explained.

“That was the main thing that made me realise this wasn’t going to work at all for us.”

USA Lab scrapped the OMS in favour of Brightpearl, which offers a thorough, expert-led implementation process and round-the-clock support throughout. The brand was up and running in 90 days. 

“It was a life lesson – don’t go cheap,” says Matt. “For anything in my tech stack, I prefer it now if it has a guided approach. I don’t even look at something you have to install yourself.”

Watch the full interview with USA Lab about its attempted DIY installation – and how Brightpearl changed everything for the brand.