Welcome to the family: the newest brands joining Brightpearl to boost their multichannel operations

We’re charging into the summer months, and throngs of phenomenal retailers are joining Brightpearl to enhance their operations and Grow Fearlessly.

As the e-commerce climate continues to evolve in the wake of huge shifts over the last couple of years, more enterprises are realising that it takes an advanced, progressive retail operating system (ROS) to stay ahead of the game. With a world-class range of Plug & Play integrations, a powerful Automation Engine and an expert-led implementation process that takes an average of 120 days, Brightpearl is built for the future of multichannel retail – and the number of great retailers we’re bringing on board every month is proof of its impact.

A big welcome to the following brands who have joined Brightpearl in the last month… 

Home Brew Online

Based in York, UK, Home Brew Online is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for everything home-brewing, selling a range of beer, wine and cider as well as brewing kits, kegs and ingredients to brewing enthusiasts. With nearly two decades becoming one of the UK’s leading home-brewing retailers, the brand had plans for expansion that included overhauling its tech stack, as an unfit order management system (OMS) was slowing down growth efforts.

With Brightpearl in place, the Home Brew team have benefited from increased visibility across all channels, data-driven demand forecasting and replenishment reports with Inventory Planner Premium, and their formerly manual packing and ordering processes have been solved with Brightpearl’s Automation Engine.

As the merchant’s former OMS was often unresponsive in terms of support, Home Brew Online is also keen to receive a heightened level of customer service from Brightpearl’s 24/7 in-house support team. 

“Our partnership with Brightpearl will ensure that we remain at the forefront in our industry, continuing to offer an unrivaled experience to our loyal customers,” said John Harbisher, MD of Home Brew Online. 

Wild Rye

Women’s outdoor apparel retailer Wild Rye is now equipped to scale mountains and business after signing up with Brightpearl. With an HQ at the base of Bald Mountain in Sun Valley, Idaho, the brand has carved a smart niche as an inspiring activewear brand aimed at women-identifying folk who love the outdoors.

The team was keen to more seamlessly manage their multi-channel inventory in one central place, so chose Brightpearl’s flexible Retail Operating System (ROS) over TEN competing tech vendors – which they found unfit to grow with their increasingly complex operational framework.

With Brightpearl as its central source of truth, the team has waved goodbye to juggling numerous spreadsheets to manage orders and inventory across channels, and instead has gained key insights such as in-depth reporting, best-in-class demand forecasting and invaluable business intelligence.

Astley Clarke

The UK’s digital jewelry retailer, Astley Clarke is a British luxury brand creating design-led, refined pieces to be worn every day, and selling in leading stores such as Selfridges, Liberty and its flagship store in Seven Dials, London. 

With plans to upgrade its multichannel operations, the company chose to move from a legacy ERP to Brightpearl in order to add flexibility, POS functionality and speed across its business. The made-for-retail system was implemented in a lightning fast 150 days. In upgrading, the brand solved its formerly time-intensive ordering and fulfilment processes with Brightpearl’s powerful Automation Engine, and gained at-a-glance, 360-degree finance insights.

“This was a significant project touching nearly every part of our business,” said Scott Thomson, CEO of Astley Clarke. “The team at Brightpearl ensured we launched on time and the internal stakeholders were delighted with the result.”

Balloons Direct 

Virginia-based Balloons Direct started out as a balloon delivery and decorating service; now they’re a leading international provider of special event decorating products. The brand conducts business mostly online selling products such as premium and custom balloons as well as helium supplies, direct to consumers and businesses all over the world. 

The rapidly expanding retailer chose Brightpearl to bring its international, multichannel operations into one central source of truth, automate its manual pick-and-pack processes, and gain 360-degree visibility across the business. As a brand highly impacted by seasonality and supply chains, Balloons Direct will also use Brightpearl’s game-changing Inventory Planner Premium to receive data-driven replenishment suggestions, ensuring best-selling items are always in stock. 

If you want to be one of the fast-growing brands using Brightpearl to supercharge your multichannel operations, book a demo today.