Customer Spotlight: Retailer Shares Secret to Tripling Profits While Saving 240 Hours a MONTH – all inside 90 days

Snap Supply

“We were thrilled at the speed of the implementation of Brightpearl,” says Nick, co-founder of Snap Supply, an online supplier of appliance repair parts. Their previous ERP, Microsoft Navision took six months to upgrade, but Brightpearl was set up in a matter of weeks. 


“We now save 60 hours per week on order entry alone.” 

With 40 years’ experience in the appliance repair industry, brothers Nick and Shawn Ernst know how to fix problems. In 2017, Nick began selling parts on Ebay during his lunch breaks, and it quickly grew into Snap Supply – one of the most respected appliance part suppliers in the American midwest. 

As in any business venture, the brothers expected roadblocks – but as sales increased, time spent on data entry became a real concern. Realising that Microsoft Nav was too manual and time-intensive for their increasing orders, they began the search for an automated ‘one-stop shop’ that would free up their time to focus on sales growth.

Attracted to its retail-focused benefits, they opted for Brightpearl’s Digital Operations Platform. With extensive out-of-the-box features, it integrates third party softwares such as Shipstation to easily handle fluctuations in sales volume. This was perfect for Nick and Shawn’s rapidly scaling business, and surpassed the other providers they’d shopped for.

“We considered other platforms like Netsuite, but it truly doesn’t connect and would take too long to sync,” Nick explained. 

“The cost of trying to integrate the system just didn’t make sense. Brightpearl was the only all-in-one solution that could handle the volume we were dealing with, and could easily extend to the other apps and services we use to run our business.” 

Deployment took less than three months – a typical set-up time for Brightpearl adopters – and Snap Supply saw the benefits almost immediately. With the entire eCommerce workstream fully automated, they saved an accumulated 240 hours a month – two months of extra time every year. 

Since shifting their operations to Brightpearl, the Earnst brothers’ enterprise has rocketed. With the need for manual data entry eradicated, they were able to diversify the Snap Supply team, promote their staff and shift their focus to a supercharge in sales growth. 

The result? They’ve tripled their sales profits, expanded their catalogue, and continue to grow at a rate of 5-10% every month.

The firm has now registered in Canada and plans to extend its reach across the US over the next 18 months.

Nick couldn’t be happier that they dropped their old ERP and instead opted for Brightpearl’s agile Digital Operations Platform. . 

“Brightpearl has allowed us to improve our margins and will be an integral part of our expansion in the coming years. Without it, we couldn’t possibly be growing at the rate we are,” he said. 

Brightpearl fully automates your back office and can be up and running in less than three months. To upgrade from your current ERP, get in touch with us today.