Unisex fashion brand ditches ‘complete nightmare’ ERP to live the dream with Brightpearl

Goose and Gander

As a Shopify Plus-powered DTC business, Goose & Gander had quickly built an impressive reputation as an online unisex clothing brand, based in the South West of England, UK.

When it came to having the vision and determination to grow, the company’s founders Olly and Maz were flying. 

But one thing they did need support with was managing the operational complexity that comes hand-in-hand with rapid growth. 

In a hurry for a solution, they did what some other DTC businesses do and signed up for support from a well-known legacy ERP

But, like many of those other businesses, they were quickly disappointed. 

“We began working with a larger ERP provider but it was a terrible experience”, said Olly. “Actually, it was a complete nightmare. These software companies aren’t built for retail, and we found that out the hard way. Working with them felt like a never ending experience – and one that was extremely expensive, too.”

Luckily, Olly and Maz discovered Brightpearl in 2020. 

As a trusted, customer-first digital operations platform (DOP) that simplifies and streamlines everything that happens after a customer hits the buy button, Brightpearl ticked every box for Goose & Gander. 

The clothing brand went live on the platform within just two months – and the business underwent an almost overnight transformation. 

Even with thousands of orders coming in each day, order processing speed went up by 500%.  Customer satisfaction went through the roof and Olly and Maz stopped spending their time managing systems and started focussing on their long term goals. 

“Brightpearl were an absolute breath of fresh air after our experience with other, supposedly similar companies,” said Olly. 

So what’s so special about Brightpearl?

For a start, it deploys in a matter of weeks (the average Brightpearl customer is live on the platform within 120 days) – while ERPs can take months or even years. 

The built-for-retail platform integrates complex back office operations into one intuitive, easy-to-use system. It stands out from the crowd because it syncs seamlessly with Shopify and a full suite of other third party apps and services, including Amazon and ShipStation, via pre-built, high-performance integrations and connectors.

Brightpearl also offers market-leading workflow automation that saves business owners tens of hours every week. There’s state-of-the-art demand forecasting and inventory management tools and the platform is flexible and scalable – so it can grow as businesses do.

Olly said: “We were impressed that Brightpearl could easily and instantly connect to our Shopify Plus site at no extra cost – whereas Brightpearl’s ERP competitors try to charge you extra for third-party integrations. 

“We’re excited to look to the future, with Brightpearl on our side.”

Brightpearl streamlines and automates your retail operations and can be up and running in less than three months. To upgrade from your current Order Management System or ERP, get in touch with us today.