Welcome to the Family: The Latest Brands Joining Brightpearl – July 2021

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As employees everywhere prepare to go back into the office, smart ecommerce brands are looking for ways to future-proof their businesses.

The best way to achieve it? By implementing a flexible, scalable operations platform – aka Brightpearl.

Packed with constantly evolving, built-for-retail features (such as a market leading automation engine) and with out-of-the box integrations to all major ecommerce platforms (including Shopify), Brightpearl helps fast-growing brands grow fearlessly. 

Forward-thinking businesses are now lining up to reap the rewards of the Brightpearl platform. 

Evolution Organics, USCutter, Go10, Skida and BoxFit have all joined us in the last month…

Evolution Organics 

Health food and wellness business Evolution Organics has selected Brightpearl to supercharge its operations as it enters its next stage of growth. 

The ethically sourced health food and supplements brand, founded in 2009, chose Brightpearl for its speed of deployment, extensibility to the wider technology ecosystem, and its ability to scale as the business grows.

We’re thrilled to be powering a brand with such a proud emphasis on ethical and environmental awareness.


Seattle-based vinyl cutter supplier, USCutter is ready to deliver cutting-edge service to its expanding customer base after signing up with Brightpearl.

The business was also seeking a provider that could synchronise all data, including cross-channel sales, into one ‘single source of truth’, and integrate quickly and fluidly with its existing tech stack, including BigCommerce. Brightpearl certainly offers all the right tools for the job! 


Choice distributor for UK brands and retailers, Go10 has opted for Brightpearl to streamline its operations as it expands its roster. 

The brand will benefit from a world-beating suite of integrations, plus built-for-retail tools that include a powerful automation engine and intuitive demand planning. With Brightpearl up and running, the company can focus on its expansion goals. 

We’re delighted to be Go10’s go to operations platform.


Activewear brand Skida has chosen Brightpearl to support its rapid growth as a Shopify-powered producer of hats, headbands and neckwear.

The team switched to Brightpearl to access a scalable and rapidly-deployed platform that is geared up for growth and offers retail brands a single source of truth across operations. The brand is now free to grow fearlessly in the coming years, without the limitations of outdated ERP systems getting in its way. 

We’ll tip our hat to that!


One of the UK’s largest boxing equipment suppliers, BoxFit, has swapped out an ineffective on-premise ERP for the one-two punch of Brightpearl and BigCommerce.

With a solid reputation for fuelling growth and providing outstanding multichannel support – along with a full suite of built-for-retail functionality, the platform ticked every box for BoxFit.

We’ve always known Brightpearl is a knockout back office solution – and we’re delighted more top brands like BoxFit are recognising it, too.

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