ERP Alternative for eBay

For a growing business, managing all of your sales channels separately can be a challenge. But you don’t need to turn to a complex, costly ERP. Brightpearl’s retail operations platform is an ERP alternative that gives you the same functionality as an ERP while being more flexible and cost-effective.

Key features that our eBay users love


ERP alternative for eBay

Your entire back office can be managed from Brightpearl’s platform. Streamline your operations by handling inventory, orders, warehouse, fulfillment, shipping, purchasing, reporting, accounting and customer relationship management in one system.

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Robust, realtime financial reporting

eBay orders are marked as paid when eBay says a PayPal payment was made, and every eBay payment is automatically synced in Brightpearl. Our ERP alternative even carries this information over to your financial statements so you’ll always know where you stand.


Comprehensive data about your business

Equip your team to make better, data-informed decisions. You’ll have access to data about your top-selling eBay products, customer demographics and the best times of year for business.


Accounting two ways

Brightpearl offers you two flexible options for accounting. Our software can integrate with the accounting platform you already have or you can use Brightpearl’s accounting module that gives you detailed financial reports and insights.


Flexible shipping and order fulfillment

All orders from eBay are processed quickly through fulfillment and shipping in Brightpearl. Automate our software to work with your existing fulfillment process to create a seamless customer experience.


Easy-to-Use POS

Integrate your eBay business with your retail business to gain insights into your inventory and product availability. You’ll also have a full customer history so you can deliver a more delightful experience every single time.


Purchasing & supplier management

Your supplier relationships are just as important as customer relationships. Brightpearl integrates eBay replenishment and purchasing, link inventory levels, sales performance and reordering so you can properly support your suppliers.


Complete warehouse management

Give your warehouse staff the information they need to be efficient when a customer makes an eBay order. Brightpearl contains features like configurable stock checks, consolidated pick lists and product and location barcode management.

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