Inventory management for eBay

Save time and keep customers happy with inventory that’s automatically synced across every sales channel. Your on-hand inventory levels from Brightpearl warehouses will be uploaded into your eBay listings, and when sold out items are restocked, your eBay listings will automatically reactivate.

Key features that our eBay users love


eBay inventory management

Brightpearl lets you set minimum and maximum levels on eBay to ensure your listings never show more or less than your chosen limits. Inventory updates are automatically pushed to eBay in real-time. Sync your inventory between Brightpearl and eBay up to four times a day.


Multi-account management

Manage inventory and orders in one location by connecting multiple eBay accounts to a single Brightpearl account. Each eBay account is integrated with Brightpearl as a separate sales channel, letting you set controls per account and report on sales separately.


Multichannel inventory management

When you’re selling with eBay, Brightpearl keeps your inventory updated across all channels, including Amazon, your web stores or brick and mortar stores, instantly improving your eBay seller rating and customer experience.

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Inventory demand planning

Guarantee your inventory and purchase orders meet customer demand. See available product data, like seasonality, out of stock periods, average sales, trends and product lead times so you can forecast future needs.


Warehouse inventory management

Connect your warehouse to Brightpearl and use real-time inventory management and accounting to manage your one-off inventory corrections, returns, sales orders and purchases.


Accurate accounting for inventory

FIFO (first-in, first-out) product costing allows you to see the true value of your inventory, as well as your profit margins on goods sold over time. You’ll also have the flexibility to choose to account for your COGS at the point of shipment or invoice.

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