Leader Stores grow 105% year on year with
Brightpearl and Visualsoft

Leader Stores is a leading supplier of doors, flooring, home furniture, garden furniture, lighting and more, based in Hartlepool in the UK.

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Key facts

35 hours

Saved per month





3 web stores

on Visualsoft


Brightpearl is exactly what we’ve been searching for!
— Gary Murray, Ecommerce Manager

The background

Leader Stores is a true multichannel retailer, selling on three Visualsoft web stores, a showroom in Hartlepool and via eBay and Amazon marketplaces. With an enormous range of stock covering 92 brands, all ranging from traditional to contemporary designs. Leader Stores is known for helping their customers turn a house into a home, at unbeatable prices.

Leader Stores have created three different web stores to reflect the array of products it offers online. To manage multiple websites that attract thousands of visitors daily and thousands of orders monthly, Leader Stores needed to partner with a retail management software company and decided to go with Brightpearl. We caught up with Gary Murray, Ecommerce Manager at Leader Stores, to find out more about how they’ve grown their operation into a successful business.

The challenge

Selling across multiple channels can mean things can get complicated when it comes to what inventory you have allocated for which channel - especially if it’s not all managed from one central place. Leader were using an out of date ePOS system which wasn’t capable of keeping up with the fast pace of our online business, where we needed to track and update sales channels to ensure everything was accurate.

“When you’re not sure what’s being sold, where and if you’re even making a profit on sales it leaves you running your business in the dark, which is what we did for over 6 months until we found Brightpearl”, said Gary. “The POS system we were using before became incredibly outdated and almost impossible to manage.”

Murray also recalls, “Before Brightpearl we were physically having to check what stock we had in the warehouse and sometimes things simply didn’t add up. Pricing was also a tedious task - to update prices across all of our sales channel meant someone having to go in and manually updating each channel one by one. It just wasn’t an efficient process.”

Key Challenges:

  • Selling products too cheap
  • The lack of any data to make informed decisions
  • Manual data entry across multiple platforms

The solution

Customers nowadays shop around to find the best deals and prices and being able to quote competitive prices is a deal maker.

“With Brightpearl we can accurately see profit margins down to order level so we can discount where possible to offer the best prices. Brightpearl’s analytics gives us the ability to create customizable reports that deliver the insights we need to make performance-driven business decisions right down to the product level,” said Murray.

“We now only stock products which make business sense. We’ve cut down the amount of products we stock saving us warehouse space, and we can easily raise PO’s within Brightpearl when stock is getting low. We’ve also been able to optimize our shipping costs - we’re now offering appealing prices with the ability to ship further away to destinations like Scotland at a much better price for the customer.”

“Repricing products is easy with Brightpearl and we no longer have to physically check what’s in stock as we can see everything at a click of a button. We’re saving a huge amount of time, about 35 hours per month, as Brightpearl has streamlined our processes allowing us to focus on optimizing and growing the business.”

“Customer service has improved now too. We use Brightpearl CRM to make sure we never let a customer down. You can see a customer's entire purchase history in one record, and it’s easy to schedule tasks and callbacks so nothing gets missed”, adds Gary.

The future

Leader Stores have ambitious plans for the future; “We’re looking to double our revenue in 2016 with the help of Brightpearl. We have the clarity now to make smarter purchasing and pricing decisions. I’m excited to grow our business even further, we might even consider opening up another web store and expanding our product range in the near future.”

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