Connect all your sales channels seamlessly, in a single system.

Eliminate double selling and stock outs, with Magento inventory management from Brightpearl. It automatically updates inventory levels and reorder status not just for your Magento store, but also for all your sales channels.

Speed up order processing.

With Brightpearl, you can manage orders across all your sales channels from a central hub that’s fully integrated with your warehouse and shipping systems. That means getting your orders out faster and more accurately.

Enhance customer service.

Brightpearl’s inventory management system gives you and your employees real-time access to customer information, including order statuses, complete history and contact information – everything you need to coordinate and personalize your customer messaging.

Rely on real time reporting.

Gain instant insight into the profitability of all your products, customers and sales channels. Brightpearl’s inventory management system integrates with your order management, CRM system, accounting and more.

"We have grown 280% in the last 12 months and we expect to continue growing in the future. We use Brightpearl every minute of every day; it has become invaluable to our business processes"

Gareth Lucas, Blue Web Retail

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More than just Magento inventory management.

As a fully integrated cloud-based retail management system Brightpearl offers you a lot more than just Magento inventory management.

  • In-depth sales analysis
  • Instant profit/loss reporting
  • Integrations with other apps
  • Cloud based, access anywhere, anytime
  • 24/7 support
  • Hosted for you
  • Regular upgrades
  • Safe and secure data
  • Comprehensive training
  • Works on any platform