Advanced inventory & order management software for Magento retailers and wholesalers

Extend your Magento store with a high performing integration and focus more on the customer experience and scalability of your business.

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High performing integration built for volume

Orders placed on Magento are automatically downloaded into Brightpearl via our high performing Magento integration. We can easily support the download of up to 25,000 orders per hour, so whether you need to run a flash sale, promote a hot selling product or it’s just a normal day for you, nothing will slow you down. Once orders are shipped, updates are automatically sent back to Magento, including tracking references, ensuring your customers are always kept informed.

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Enterprise features for innovative businesses

Sales of gift cards and virtual products, such as MP3 downloads are fully supported through Brightpearl’s Magento integration, allowing you to innovate and facilitate the needs of today’s customer. Brightpearl also supports the use of dynamic and fixed price bundles, as well as configurable products and tiered pricing. These enterprise features allow your business to scale and evolve to new levels, without leaving your vital back office software behind.

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Real time reporting on store performance

With integrated real time accounting and robust inventory management powering your Magento website, you instantly have a recipe for retail growth. As orders are shipped, paid and invoiced, Brightpearl automatically posts journals, providing you with a real time view of your performance, profitability and accounts receivable across all your sales channels. This allows you to make better business decisions faster, and spend more time analyzing your business instead of consolidating data.

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Seamless customer experience

Brightpearl’s Magento integration is designed to work silently behind the scenes, which means your store’s performance always comes first. If you get a sudden influx of visitors that puts a strain on your store, we’ll wait for things to calm down a little before stepping in. Your customers won’t experience slow downs, you won’t miss sales and your Magento website will appear smooth and consistent to all. With a seamless website experience, we ensure your customers always come first.

brightpearl scales with you

Expand without the headache

With a single Brightpearl account, you can connect to as many Magento stores as required by your strategy, with different configuration and branding for each. Alongside Brightpearl’s multicurrency and landed cost modules, you can also sell in different currencies, use foreign currency bank accounts and accurately account for your true product costs. Empower your Magento store to help you launch new brands, and expand into new territories with ease and with minimal overhead increase.

magento inventory management

“The Magento Brightpearl integration is brilliant. Tracking inventory levels is really important for us as we sell different quantities across so many different channels - we never want to let customers down by being out of stock - Brightpearl makes sure we don't.”

Daniel Rios, Technical and Operations Specialist - Paper & Tea

Manage your business with a complete omnichannel retail solution

Simplify your workflows by managing all your orders, inventory, purchasing, CRM, accounting, fulfillment, reporting and POS in one system. With Brightpearl, you can streamline and automate your back office, giving you time back to focus on business growth.

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Inventory management

Save your team time and offer your customers a world class experience with advanced inventory management and real time inventory updates across all your sales channels.

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Real time accounting

Make better decisions quicker with an instant view of your profitability across all channels, products and customers through integrated real time accounting and detailed financial reports.

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Retail automation

Redirect your staff towards business growth strategies and better customer service with streamlined, automated workflows, whilst saving time, reducing costs and eliminating errors.

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Sales order processing

Efficiently process and manage orders across your sales channels in one single system through flexible fulfillment options, including partial fulfillment, drop-shipping and integrated warehousing.

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Retail CRM

Ensure there’s a coordinated, customer-first approach across the business with access to a real time 360-degree view of customer information from anywhere, at any time.

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Data-driven decisions

Improve your profits, increase cash flow and make better business decisions with Brightpearl’s in depth reports that show your business’s profitability by channel, customer, SKU and brand.

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