As September kicks into full swing and the kids head back-to-school, we’re taking a look at the best retail and ecommerce content to hit our screens in August! We’ve done the hard work for you and trawled the internet for the hottest content from the past month.

August was a big month as we all got hooked following the Rio 2016 Olympics, online marketplace was bought by retail-giant Walmart, and as always a lot of great retail advice was shared. Sit back, relax and enjoy our pick of the best!


1. News: What this month’s sale means for the future of retail

Online marketplace was snapped up by retail giant Walmart in its attempt to compete with Amazon but what does this mean for the future of retail? As 1 in 10 retail sales takes place online in the US, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Walmart are taking this big leap into the world of online retail.

TechCrunch dives into how storefronts are moving online, point of sale can be positioned anywhere with internet and investment in technology is crucial. Find out how this big marketplace sale is a sign of the future of retail.


2. Blog: Should you be using social media as a sales tool?

With the popularity of selling on social media platforms on the rise, should you be using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram as a sales tool? 20% of retailers surveyed shared how they’re using social media as a sales channel so our friends over at Nublue are diving into how popular social media actually is for consumers.

According to Marketing Tech, 46% of consumers utilize social media to help make buying decisions so maybe focusing on your social channels could increase your sales? Read Nublue’s blog to find out social media could become a shopping channel.

Do you think social selling can be effective? Let us know in the comments section below.


3. Infographic: The Tech Behind the Modern Retailer

Technology in retail is becoming increasingly popular, especially to increase store footfall and enhance the shopping experience. The stats show how important it is to keep up with the latest technology as “61% of consumers say discounts would cause them to opt in to in-store mobile tracking and push notifications via beacons” and “87% of consumers believe retailers need to create a seamless customer experience for store, online and mobile transactions”.

But what tech is fueling modern retailers? From in-store wifi to beacons, mobile POS systems to the Internet of Things, find out how retailers are using technology to reshape retail stores in this infographic from BizTech.

4. Article: As Spikeball soars, its core team has stayed small. How?

Shark Tank survivor and Brightpearl customer, Spikeball, has made the headlines again as the Chicago Tribune spoke to Chief Operating Officer, Scott Palmer, about how they have rapidly grown their business with such a small team. After reaching a staggering $6.9 million in revenue in 2015, Spikeball is on track to double revenue this year with just 13 employees.

Scott shared how Brightpearl has helped them scale by improving efficiency, “It’s what has always allowed us to process the volume of orders we do,” he said. “We should probably have twice the amount of employees, but because of the system and the software that we use, fortunately, we don’t need them.”

With Spikeball’s eyes set on building “the next great American sport”, read about how they aim to get there with our help!


That’s all for this month, keep your eyes peeled at the end of this month for all the hottest content from September. Have we missed any of your August highlights? Let us know in the comments sections below.