Welcome to the Family: The Latest Brands Joining Brightpearl – March 2021

In a retail landscape that is constantly changing, the need for flexible, responsive operations is being recognized by brands across the globe. As consumer expectations evolve, and with more merchants online than ever before, we’re pleased to announce that these brands have taken the next step to future proofing their businesses and getting the leg up on their competition, as they’ve opted for Brightpearl as their digital operations platform of choice. 

Welcome to the family! 


Globe trotting linen brand Piglet has chosen Brightpearl to power its expansion as it looks to increase its international growth. Founded in a garden shed in 2017 the Sussex based brand has enjoyed exponential growth as it continues in its mission to provide comfortable, durable bedding and loungewear made from the finest quality linen. 

BALA Footwear

Unique footwear manufacturer BALA has opted for the tried and tested combination of Brightpearl and Shopify to help bring its innovative new footwear to market. What’s so special about this shoe? Well, this premium footwear is designed specifically for nurses on long shifts, with comfort, protection and durability in mind, a cause we can all get behind!

Roam Adventure

We’re thrilled to have Roam Adventure in our camp. The camping gear specialist has been supplying adventurous Americans since 2017, and is now uniquely poised to speed up distribution and ship faster and more widely to eager adventurers across the US.   

Fleet Feet 

California based Fleet Feet is hot-footing its way to the number one spot in the athletics apparel market with Brightpearl at the core of its operations. Outfitting runners since 1976, the highly regarded athletics brand has 180 locally owned and operated locations across 38 states but is diversifying its delivery options via Brightpearl’s intuitive, geo-location order routing. 

A Cut Above Uniforms

Outfitting pilots up and down the US is what A Cut Above does best. Owned and operated by former pilot Chris Pilarski, what began as a home business in Los Angeles has grown into a full commercial space in Colorado. A Cut Above has signed with Brightpearl to upgrade its operations to first class, so it’s blue skies from here on in.