Brightpearl’s Top 20 Plug & Play Apps (And Why You Need Them)

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For brands that want to thrive in the challenging modern marketplace, flexibility is everything.

To attract new customers and keep pace with their ever-evolving demands, retailers need the flexibility to rapidly curate an ever-changing roster of channels, apps and tools to suit their needs.

With a huge library of native Plug & Play integrations, Brightpearl is a retail operating system that enables brands to build a truly flexible tech stack.

It gives them the confidence to experiment with the latest tech tools and sales channels and to instantly integrate the best tech for each area of their business – from payments and sales channels to accounting and HR.

The benefits of Brightpearl’s Plug & Play integrations include:

  • Fast and simple. Choose from integrations including all the top e-commerce platforms, all the major marketplaces and tons of 3PL, shipping and accounting options. Plug them in and be up and running in minutes.
  • Built for growth. Our trusted connections can handle huge volumes. So when orders spike or your business scales, your system won’t slow down.
  • No middlemen. Unlike other platforms, we don’t rely on third parties to support our out-of-the-box integrations. They’re faster, less prone to errors and backed by 24/7 support.
  • Expert configuration. As part of Brightpearl’s implementation process, our in-house experts will make sure that all your integrations are running like clockwork – and configured in the most optimal way.

Here’s a handy rundown of Brightpearl’s top 20 Plug & Play apps – and why you need them…

1. Shopify

Our Shopify integration enables Brightpearl to manage inventory, prices, orders and shipments across multiple Shopify stores. The availability of items in Shopify will update as the inventory levels change in Brightpearl, ensuring inventory is accurate between Shopify, Brightpearl, and other connected channels.

  • Multi-Location inventory mapping
  • Auto receive items back in stock from returns
  • Fulfill Shopify POS orders automatically

Note: We also offer a separate integration for ShopifyPlus merchants.

2. BigCommerce

This app connects multiple BigCommerce storefronts with the rest of your business, helping to keep it in sync and cut down on daily tasks. Inventory can be shared with your other sales channels automatically, so you’re fulfilling, managing and reporting from one centralized system.

  • Offers buy online and pick-up instore fulfillment options
  • Receive items back in stock from returns
  • Bundle inventory sync

3. Amazon

This is a high-speed integration to Amazon that allows you to handle peak seasons with ease. Connect your Amazon seller accounts to Brightpearl and sync all your inventory, orders, shipping and payments in one place. Your Amazon sales will come into Brightpearl automatically, where your inventory is shared with other sales channels, maximizing your selling potential and eliminating the risk of over selling.

  • Support for Amazon FBA and seller-fulfilled prime orders
  • Handling of withheld tax
  • Custom field to capture gift message

4. Walmart

Scale big on Walmart while streamlining your back office order and inventory management. Sales orders for Walmart listings are created automatically in Brightpearl, ready to be fulfilled. The connector returns an order acknowledgement to Walmart and automatically updates customers with shipping and tracking details. Brightpearl also manages selling prices and inventory levels of Walmart-listed items.

  • Build your product catalog and control pricing directly within Brightpearl
  • Consolidate orders from and your other sales channels in one system
  • Prevent overselling with integrated inventory management

5. OnBuy

Sell more online by combining the power of Brightpearl and OnBuy. This connector syncs orders, inventory, products and shipment information for a fully automated operation. Maintain complete control of your data and never miss a thing with full visibility between platforms.

  • Gain full visibility with shipments updates
  • Control & manage the sync of different data
  • Push updates between Brightpearl and OnBuy automatically

“One of the things that really pushed me to go with Brightpearl was connectivity. There is a ton of software out there that connects to different channels, but you need to make sure it’s a native connection and not a third party one. That’s critical. “ – Nick Ernst, Snap Supply

6. Shipstation

Streamline your shipping fulfillment processes with ShipStation. By integrating with over 30 leading carriers, the ShipStation connector enables you to effectively manage customer, inventory and orders from multiple sales channels while connecting directly with your shipping carriers.

  • Easily set up shipping rules to automate your shipment
  • Customize your shipping labels for each sales channel
  • Automatic customer updates on shipping status

7. Parcelhub

Save time and money and enhance your customers’ delivery experience with Parcelhub. Merchants enjoy the best shipping rates, a fully-automated workflow from order to label, and using Parcelhub’s proactive management service results in fewer missed deliveries and increased customer satisfaction.

  • Access ‘pooled volume’ discounted rates from 20+ carriers with 600+ delivery options
  • Dedicated technical support and seamless integration with Brightpearl, ensuring accelerated label production
  • Innovative SMART Notifications platform proactively predicts and identifies delivery issues

8. Klavivo

Power up your marketing automation with customer and order metrics from Brightpearl. Get customer and order metrics automatically synchronized with Klaviyo. With our integration, new profiles are created and added to your mapped list automatically. Whenever a new order is placed, key order metrics such as item count and total price are sent to Klaviyo and added to the customer’s profile. Removing profiles from the list can also be controlled in Brightpearl.

  • Sync new contacts from Brightpearl to your Klaviyo list
  • Contact attributes are updated automatically in Klaviyo when changed in Brightpearl
  • Order metrics are synced for more targeted marketing

9. Sage Pay

Manage payments from Sage Pay and other payment providers with the Brightpearl Payments app. Sage Pay is supported in Brightpearl’s payment gateway app, which aggregates multiple payment provider services in one system. Easily manage payments and refunds from different payment providers without ever needing to leave the platform.

  • Manage all your payments and refunds in one place
  • Directly send click-to-pay invoices from Brightpearl to complete transactions
  • Automatically update your accounting journals in Brightpearl when an order is paid or refunded

10. eBay

Robust eBay integration that enables multichannel selling. Connect your activities on eBay with the rest of your business, keeping it in sync and cutting down on your daily tasks. eBay sales come into Brightpearl automatically, where you’ll manage your listings, inventory, prices, orders, shipments and multiple eBay stores in the same place as your other sales channels.

  • Shipment method mapping
  • Bulk inventory update
  • Real-time stock updates limit

“We wanted a composable, flexible system that could easily connect to our preferred apps – such as Klaviyo for marketing and QuickBooks for accounting – and to the latest best-in-class tools, as and when we need them. ERPs just aren’t built for that, but Brightpearl is.” – Jeff Elvin, President, Dakota Stones

11. Stripe

Stripe is supported in Brightpearl’s payment gateway app, which aggregates multiple payment provider services in one system. Easily manage payments and refunds from different payment providers without ever needing to leave the platform.

  • Automatically capture any payments you’ve authorized over the phone once the orders are shipped
  • Manage all your payments and refunds in one place
  • Directly send click-to-pay invoices from Brightpearl to complete transactions
  • Automatically update your accounting journals in Brightpearl when an order is paid or refunded

12. Magento

High performance Magento integration that simplifies your inventory management and accounting needs. Brightpearl’s Magento extension centralizes your CRM, order, inventory and accounts management all in one place. Orders are downloaded and stock is reserved immediately, triggering real-time inventory updates to all your sales channels, helping to minimize overselling.

  • Order status update (bi-directional)
  • Multi-currency support
  • Import order notes to Brightpearl

13. MailChimp

Pull order data into Mailchimp for personalized communication with your buyers. Manage and segment your contacts in Brightpearl and automatically synchronize with Mailchimp mailing lists and interest groups. By using Mailchimp’s Ecommerce360, order data collected in Brightpearl will be synced to Mailchimp for in-depth reporting on visitors.

  • See a complete history of your customers’ communications with you
  • Sync your Brightpearl tags to your chosen Mailchimp lists and segments
  • Send new customers and suppliers to Mailchimp in near real-time

14. Glew

Built-for-ecommerce business intelligence. is an analytics and business intelligence SaaS solution, built specifically for the ecommerce and retail sectors. Glew delivers business intelligence, alerts and automation to help you generate more revenue, cultivate loyal customers, optimize product strategy and drive profitability.

  • Uncover product insights with product analytics to drive revenue growth
  • Cost of Goods Sold reporting to make better informed marketing and pricing decisions
  • Automatically calculate customer LTV, repeat customer rate and other customer-centric KPIs

15. 3PL

Integrate your 3PL provider with Brightpearl to centralize your retail operations. Manage products, goods-out notes, purchase orders, customer returns and inventory transfers from Brightpearl. Shipping updates, goods-in confirmations and inventory adjustments can feed into your Brightpearl account directly from your 3PL, providing your business with the stability and reliability it needs to grow efficiently.

  • Automatically update your 3PL system with new products
  • Notify your 3PL of incoming purchase orders and customer returns
  • Keep inventory availability up-to-date in your Brightpearl account with automated updates from your 3PL

“We needed a flexible, scalable solution that could help us automate and streamline. Brightpearl ticked every box and more – we particularly loved that it could integrate ‘off the shelf’ with our Shopify website, that was a real attraction for us.” – Jeff Mills, Director, Baby & Co

16. Vend

Our Vend connector automatically syncs products, inventory, orders and more between your brick and mortar stores and Brightpearl. Orders are sent from Vend to Brightpearl with inventory being marked as shipped against the relevant warehouse, keeping stock levels up-to-date. Customers, sales orders, returns/exchanges and inventory counts in Vend will update Brightpearl.

  • Use Vend’s POS software in your physical stores, while syncing order and inventory data with Brightpearl
  • Report on Vend sales and returns data within Brightpearl, along with data from your other sales channels
  • Stock adjustments in Brightpearl update Vend, and inventory counts in Vend update Brightpearl

17. WooCommerce

This connector enables Brightpearl to publish new products, update existing items and manage inventory levels in WooCommerce. New sales orders, refunds and returns download into Brightpearl, creating new customer records where required. Map payment methods to see payment journals posted automatically. Process orders in Brightpearl, with automatic shipping confirmation updates.

  • Manage your product catalog in Brightpearl, syncing data automatically with WooCommerce
  • See sales orders and returns created automatically in your Brightpearl account
  • Update WooCommerce once items are shipped

18. Square

Sell however, and wherever your customers shop with Brightpearl + Square for Retail together. This app enables merchants to sell anywhere, in any way to meet customer expectations and preferences. Offer the best experience possible whether online or in-store with full visibility into orders, inventory levels, sales and more.

  • Real time updates between Brightpearl and Square keeps your team in the loop no matter where or how you’re selling
  • Easily sync products, inventory levels, price, sales and more between Brightpearl and Square without the risk of manual errors
  • Visual representation of your orders, inventory and products gives you full control over every sale across every channel

19. ShipMonk

Order & inventory management for ShipMonk users. The integration with ShipMonk pushes Brightpearl orders to ShipMonk for fulfillment. ShipMonk then marks the order as fulfilled in Brightpearl. If enabled, ShipMonk updates product quantities in Brightpearl based on their availability in ShipMonk.

  • Orders are automatically synchronized
  • Status is updated in BrightPearl once shipped by ShipMonk
  • Inventory is synchronized between BrightPearl and ShipMonk

20. FedEx

Manage FedEx and your other shipping carriers in one place through our advanced integrations. Our seamless integrations with Shiptheory and ShipStation provide you with various leading shipping carrier options. Whether you dispatch with FedEx, DPD, Hermes, Parcelforce, Royal Mail, UPS, or DHL, you can manage all your carriers in one place without needing to log into different carrier platforms.

  • Manage all your shipping carriers in one place
  • Easily set up flexible shipping rules to automate your shipment
  • Customize your shipping labels for each sales channel

 “To scale successfully, we needed an operations system that could integrate seamlessly and act as a single source of truth for all our data” – Brian Bloom, Co-Founder at Monica + Andy

Got another app in mind? Check out Brightpearl’s full range of Plug & Play integrations or book a demo.