Listen: One Founder’s Playbook for Scaling a Brand with Automation – and Eliminating 60 hours a week of data entry

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Snap Supply has grown rapidly over the last few years to become one of the most respected appliance part suppliers in the American midwest. Today, the company trades across its new Shopify Plus-powered direct-to-consumer and wholesale websites, as well as multiple marketplaces, and stocks a wide range of items to support the appliance replacement parts community. 

As with any business venture, the team expected roadblocks – but as sales increased, time spent on data entry became a serious concern that needed to be urgently addressed.

Before Brightpearl, due to our lack of automation capabilities we were behind on shipping times and overselling on Amazon. We’d be manually processing orders up until 3pm. Since switching to Brightpearl, we’re done by 10am. It previously took about 10 minutes to manually process an order. Now, we can process 50 orders in that time. — Nick Ernst, co-founder of Snap Supply

Nick, from Snap Supply, recently appeared on the Winning with Shopify podcast to talk through the challenges the team faced manually managing a rapidly growing multichannel business – as well as the benefits of utilizing retail automation, which has been a game changer for the business.

“When you’re doing things manually, human errors are inevitable. With Brightpearl, it’s not an issue because the processes are automated. Being able to provide customers with the correct products on time has been a huge contributor to our success.

“Automation has completely changed my workforce. I no longer have 60 hours a week being thrown at manual tasks. We have the same number of people, but we now spend our time on sales rather than manually processing orders. This would not have been possible without Brightpearl.”

Listen to the full episode of Winning with Shopify here

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