Three of the Top Trusted Brands in the US share their secrets to success

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Buying online has been a tough task of late, in fact, 61% of us have had issues with online delivery since Covid hit. A stat which, quite frankly, annoys us. We’d had enough of delivery delays without explanation, missing orders and a lack of communication from retailers who can’t get their post-buy button house in order. . 

That’s how the Trusted 100 came about – our definitive list of the 100 most trustworthy online retailers in the US, based on consumer feedback and ratings around their end-to-end shopping experiences.

But, being the inquisitive bunch that we are, we wanted to dig even deeper into why these brands are a cut above the rest. Despite restrictions, demand spikes and supply chain issues, Trusted 100 brands are sticking to their promises and delivering exceptional shopping experiences time and time again. But how are they doing it? How are they operating so seamlessly at a time when delivery and service issues are seemingly unavoidable? 

We caught up with three of America’s most trusted online retailers and asked them to share a few of the secrets behind their success…

Spikeball – Visibility is Key

The Chicago based sports brand came in at 15th on the Trusted 100, with Nick Gonzales, VP of Marketing, citing the visibility of its inventory as a driving force behind its efficient operations. 

 “The beauty of Brightpearl is that it allows us to be super efficient across the business and customers see the benefit. We can see sales by channel, by customer, on a daily basis and in real time, and we have a high level visibility of our inventory. Honestly, without Brightpearl we’d need 3-5 people to do what one person can do.”


Paper Mart – Listen to What Your Customers Are Saying

Family Run packaging company Paper Mart took home the gold this year, topping the Trusted 100, and Allison McGuire, VP of Marketing, attributed the firm’s continual success to its relationships with its customers. 

“When it comes to creating an excellent end-to-end buying experience, our approach is simple: we listen to our customers. We believe that the customer relationships that we’ve created throughout the years have helped us personalize and design a Paper Mart experience that is intuitive, user-friendly, and customer-centric.”

Lovepop – Focus on Nailing Demand Management

Beloved Boston greetings card manufacturer Lovepop grabbed 4th spot on the Trusted 100 for 2020, with Dan Nephew, Director, suggesting that investment in the right tech has supercharged its growth and success  

“In a category that has historically been focused on traditional retail, we have seen significant success as a digitally native brand with more than 80 percent of our business conducted online”, said Dan.

“ has a robust and lively digital shopping experience that helps convey our products’ magic online and our operational platform, with its single point of truth and real time data, helps us manage large seasonal surges in demand. That combination supports the type of enhanced end-to-end experiences that truly delivers magical moments for our customers.”

These are just a few examples of online brands that are killing it with fantastic customer feedback, seamless buying experiences and reliable delivery.  Check out the Trusted 100 – The Sites to Shop 2020 to see if your favorite brand is featured or you want your own business to be considered for 2021.