Customer Spotlight: A Thank You Card To The Power of Automation From Lovepop


“Brightpearl is a marvel. We now have visibility across all of our warehouses on a transaction level basis, and easy integrations have given us a significant competitive advantage.” – Dan Nephew, Director of Systems & Operations, Lovepop

The Boston-based card company Lovepop is a major disruptor in the $7 billion greeting card industry, with its one of a kind designs catching the attention of shoppers across America, and then the globe. Available online, at twenty retail locations across the U.S., and via thousands of third party retailers, Lovepop’s highly successful business sees more than 100,000 unique and customizable products being sold each month. 

But with the skyrocketing demand came operational headaches. The firm’s existing operations solution was proving inaccurate in its syncing of inventory and incapable of handling the large increases in order volume that the team was dealing with as a result of the brand’s growing popularity. 

Lovepop needed a solution like Brightpearl – with it’s user friendly order management system and out-of-the-box integrations with its Shopify Plus webstore and Shipstation which offered a winning formula of flexibility and extensibility to support the rapidly expanding business.

“Rather than upgrading on our current software, we opted for Brightpearl as it offered what we needed to scale our business and efficiently deal with a larger order volume”, says Dan Nephew, Director of Systems & Operations for Lovepop. “We wanted an accessible view of our whole business and a straightforward implementation process, Brightpearl delivered on both counts.” 

Speaking to the benefits of Brightpearl’s platform, Dan says: “The level of integration and extensibility we have with Brightpearl would not have been possible with our previous provider. Being able to easily bolt on services has given us a competitive advantage and enabled us to offer extra value to our customers, especially in such a difficult time.” 

“Because our business is seasonal, we rely on Brightpearl to help manage peak order volumes as well as year-round implications for managing growth in overall order volume. Having a system that can scale in both elements is critical to our success and is giving us the confidence to continue innovating in the online space and delight our customers.”

Brightpearl’s flexibility and ease of use has seen Lovepop smoothly through a tumultuous time in the retail sector – but the addition of Brightpearl’s automation feature has been a true game changer for the brand’s plans to not just disrupt, but dominate the greetings card industry:

“It’s simply not possible to manually process thousands of orders for thousands of customers”, adds Dan. “Thanks to automation with Brightpearl, we’re able to move 98% of our orders through fulfillment checks without touching them. We now only deal with the exceptions. It’s been a huge saving and really helps us satisfy our customers. In fact, the real time inventory accuracy we’ve gained by using Brightpearl has allowed us to scale, expand and deliver on the promises that we make to customers.

“Brightpearl’s automation tools have helped us speed up transaction processing and get a real-time handle on our inventory. This has meant we no longer need a ‘buffer’ inventory. It has improved cash flow and enabled us to save costs by optimizing how much we hold in inventory.”

Dan’s advice for scaling merchants in a similar situation: “If you really want to grow your business, you can’t have manual processes. You need automation to be able to scale effectively. My advice would be just go for it. Make it happen.”

Brightpearl fully automates your back office and we seamlessly integrate with your key systems so you can be up and running within 90 days. To upgrade from your current ERP, get in touch with us today.