March: In Review 2018

March: In Review 2018

Hello and welcome to March: In Review

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Spring has finally arrived, which means it’s time for another roundup of the top articles, ebooks and infographics to hit the web in March. This month, Shopify Plus helped us discover what we can learn from the best fashion ecommerce sites, Orba discussed the signs that show you’ve outgrown QuickBooks and JH offered expert advice for GDPR…

1. Announcement: New Brightpearl Omnichannel Survival Guide offers eight tips to retail success

March brings some exciting news, with the introduction of a new retail bible: ‘The omnichannel survival guide: for the new retail reality’, written by Brightpearl Founder, Chris Tanner, and CEO, Derek O’Carroll.

In this article in the Retail Times, an exclusive extract is on offer to take you through what the book is about, alongside eight tips for omnichannel retail success.

For those of you who are interested in reading the book, you can already pre-register for the first chapter, which is due to drop this spring. Just enter your email on this site and get a copy of Chapter 1 delivered to your inbox as soon as it becomes available.

And be sure to keep an eye on the blog and your emails over the coming weeks and months as we bring you more chapters, alongside exclusive extracts, interviews and panel discussions.

2. Ecommerce Inspiration: Best Fashion Ecommerce Sites and What to Learn from Them

The fashion industry is a rapidly growing one, but not just because styles, trends and tastes change so fast. Statista predicts that “fashion ecommerce is exploding at an average annual growth rate of 13.8% and will eclipse $633 billion by 2021.”

To ensure we learn from this “winner-takes-all” industry, Shopify Plus have analyzed ten of the best ecommerce fashion sites including Rebecca Minkoff, Sephora and Frankies Bikinis, whose automated processes are a huge revenue driver.

So sit back, grab a coffee and use this blog to discover what key strategies, technologies and tools have enabled these businesses to reach the top of the soon-to-be $633 billion fashion industry. 

3. Article: The Most Common Signs You Have Outgrown QuickBooks

Right from day one, we’ve been a firm believer that your accounting should be integrated with the rest of your systems and processes, in order to free up valuable time and access up-to-the-minute financial reports.

And it seems accounting and tax management company, ORBA, agree.

In a recent article, they’ve highlighted five signs that show you’ve outgrown QuickBooks. Within which, they gave us a kind mention by advising that a retail management platform like ours enables you to manage a large inventory catalog (even when you need to track landed costs across each purchase).

Give it a read and then give us a call if you match any of the signs they’ve mentioned.

4. Infographic: Real-Time Accounting: Your New Competitive Edge

We also tackled accounting and financial management on our blog this month, in the shape of our latest infographic about how real-time accounting can provide you with your new competitive edge.

But it’s not just us who think real-time accounting is the new way to go. We also got a few of our customers involved, including Jonathan Partridge from jewelry, gifts and homewares retailer, David Shuttle, who says:

“Accuracy is a huge advantage for us, by having all our retail information stored centrally, there is less room for error. The real-time accounting is a big bonus, it means no more paper ledgers or spreadsheets which is great news. We no longer have to repeat manual activities saving us time from monotonous tasks. We can see an overview of the business by just logging into Brightpearl, allowing us to evaluate the business much more efficiently.”

Check out the infographic now and find out how real-time accounting can benefit you and your business.

5. Partner Spotlight: GDPR eBook

With May and the new GDPR regulations inching closer and closer, there’s been a myriad of articles, reports and whitepapers sweeping the internet to discuss what it is and what businesses need to know.

Recently, our friends over at JH got involved with the discussions and brought with them an extensive 33-page ebook offering advice on what should change within your email marketing strategies, how to use your CRM systems, how to improve your website and more, once the regulations come into force.

Within the ebook, there are also some great expert insights from industry leading companies such as dotmailer, Emarsys, Akoova and us!

So if you’re after some general guidelines on how to tackle GDPR, the chances are high that this ebook will cover them for you.

And whilst we’re here, if you’re also after some information on what Brightpearl specifically is doing in response to GDPR, take a look at this blog, written by one of our Product Managers in charge of our own GDPR project. 

That’s it for the top stories from March.

Come back next month for more news, advice and informative articles you should read!