Revealed: Our TOP 10 Most Hated Work Admin Tasks!

Person with head in hands in front of laptop

Recently, we conducted a study of 4,000 UK and US consumers which found that most of us are in ‘admin hell’!

Most of us will spend a total of about five years of our lives doing admin, according to the study. On average, adults will typically spend 15 hours a week doing admin in their job and we end up wading through 290 admin tasks a month – with ‘anything to do with spreadsheets’, clearing out email inboxes and order management tasks among the most loathed.

Below, we’ve included a graphic that captures our Top 10 most loathed work admin tasks:

Do you ever wish you could stop wasting time on these tedious manual tasks and instead focus on the stuff that really matters when it comes to growing your business fearlessly? 

You’re not alone. Many ecommerce retailers – and their staff – have got stuck in a loop of manually completing some of the simple tasks outlined above, instead of investing their energy in strategic areas.

But there is a solution. Automating your post-purchase operations can give you back the time you need to scale successfully.

Brightpearl fully automates your back office – and, we can get you up and running within 90 days. Life is Too Short. Automate. Get in touch with us today.