Racquet Sports Group save £20k
annually with the help of Brightpearl and BigCommerce

Racquet Sports Group is a racquet sports retailer specialising in tennis, squash,
badminton and racquet ball equipment and products.

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Key facts


Founded by Jack Otton


on BigCommerce

20% YoY

organic growth

50 hours

saved per month

We couldn’t operate the business without Brightpearl. It provides us with a stable and robust platform which we can build and grow our business from.
— Jack Otton, Owner

The background

Jack Otton started his racquet sports retail business when he was just 14 years old, with an entrepreneurial flair from a young age he officially started Racquet Depot UK in 2008. As of August 1st 2015, Jack also acquired major supplier; W & D Strings, a mail order wholesale business. Now known as Racquet Sports Group, the retail and wholesale business is quickly becoming one of the largest re-sellers of brand name products for racquet sports equipment.

A combination of an online retail business and a mail order wholesale company, the business is dynamic, friendly, and knowledgeable. Racquet Sports Group reach their customers through their Bigcommerce website which accounts for 65% of their total sales, and the rest is split between eBay and the new mail order side of the business. Currently, they are also in the process of setting up an Amazon channel too. We caught up with Jack to tell us more about the business.

The challenge

As an ambitious entrepreneur, Jack was looking for a platform to handle inventory across multiple channels as well as logistics such as; managing orders, taking payments, and keeping track of all the accounting.

“We were looking for a back-office system to connect with Bigcommerce which could handle both inventory levels across multiple sales channels, and our accounts. I wanted to have as much visibility across the business as possible, ideally in one place.”

Key Challenges:

  • Finding a solution with a pre-built Bigcommerce integration
  • Managing multiple sales channels from one centralized inventory
  • Stability for growing the business
  • Connecting our B2B & B2C business

“There are many moving parts when running the business; from taking and processing customer orders to sourcing and placing orders with suppliers, not to mention keeping customer happy and optimizing return on investment. Running a business isn’t easy!”

The solution

Racquet Sports Group was one of the early adopters of the Bigcommerce connector back in 2013. The ‘out of the box’ integration with Bigcommerce was an important factor for choosing Brightpearl as their software partner.

Jack found he liked even more capabilities Brightpearl had to offer after looking into the retail management system. “One of the big deal-makers for us was Brightpearl’s integration with Bigcommerce and with marketplaces; eBay and Amazon,” Otton said. “The multichannel integrations are really robust and not only that, the reporting is also very useful. We can see who is buying from which channel and all of our data is stored in one place and can be broken down to help us make informed business decisions.”

The ability to keep on top of business processes rather than being behind them is exactly what Jack needed when he chose Brightpearl. “Brightpearl has given me the ability to manage all the areas of my business efficiently and effortlessly in one place. I like the ascetics of Brightpearl, the layout and design is user friendly and I particularly like that it’s cloud based so I can access my business data wherever I am in the world.”

Key Strengths:

  • Access to all data in one centralized location, 24/7
  • Saving time by reducing manual data entry
  • Collaboration - multiple people working from the same version of the truth
  • Brightpearl’s price point

Jack adds; “Brightpearl is fundamental to the running of my business today, we use it all day everyday. It’s a cost effective efficient retail management system for SMBs. As a result we save approximately £20k by not having to hire another member of staff.”

The future 

Racquet Sports Group has significant flexibility and offer superior shipping rates with some of the leading logistic companies for worldwide delivery, combine this with their technical expertise means they can stay ahead of their competition.

“We continue to have more and more repeat customers every month. In the near future, we will be in an owned warehouse of around 7,500 square feet of space. The prospect of buying another business within the next several years is highly likely too. I’d like to triple net profit levels by 2021."

To support these determined goals Jack is keen to start his marketing plans which he’s been making notes on over the last few years and can finally put them to fruition. “I would like to be doing more marketing, while my team focus on looking after existing customers and fulfilling orders. We want to sell more of our existing products in volume, trying not to sacrifice profit at the same time. Jack ads; “I think Brightpearl will help us get there, it can scale with us and ensure we can handle the increase in orders.”