Floship integration

Power your entire business with Brightpearl behind your operations and Floship’s global, intelligent all-in-one shipping solutions.

Floship’s allow integration with Brightpearl to streamline your operation, one-click plug-and-play integrations, intelligent automation rules, and a comprehensive operational &  management tool suite, act as the building blocks of supply chain optimization, tailored to address growth factors such as cost and efficiency, complexity, visibility, accuracy, and more. Connect Brightpearl with your Floship account today, to make your fulfillment process seamless.

How it works


Orders created and updated in Brightpearl will be reflected in Floship.

Inventory sync

Reconcile inventory levels from Floship to Brightpearl. All Transactions will update the inventory levels on a real time basis.

Inventory adjustments

Inventory levels in Brightpearl are updated with ad hoc corrections, such as lost stock or damages.

Shipment Fulfillment updates

As shipments are processed in Floship, the Brightpearl goods-out notes will be marked as shipped and tracking information will be shared automatically.


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