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Millbry Hill Saddles Up For Unbridled Growth With Brightpearl

The UK’s leading independent country store, Millbry Hill, has become the latest top brand to harness the power of automating post-purchase operations using Brightpearl

After going live on the platform in just 150 days, Millbry Hill now has access to a robust, scalable retail operations platform that integrates ‘out of the box’ with Shopify Plus and offers advanced automation that will transform the way the business operates – and turbocharge growth. 

Founded in 1925, Millbry Hill has secured an unrivalled reputation with customers in the UK – and around the world – for its top quality range of equestrian supplies, pet products and country clothing. Based in North Yorkshire, the brand operates five bricks-and-mortar stores alongside a successful Shopify Plus website 

There were three other platforms in Millbry Hill’s sights, but Brightpearl was selected because it offers a built-for-retail, rapidly deployed solution that ERPs and OMSs simply can’t compete with.

Thanks to Brightpearl’s automation engine, many time-consuming manual post purchase operations – such as fulfilling orders, allocating shipping and processing invoices – are now automated. It means the team behind Millbry Hill can stop spending all its time caught up in the day-to-day operations of the business and start focusing on smashing goals – and growing fearlessly.  

“I would highly recommend Brightpearl, it has improved the efficiency of our day to day operations and has given us greater visibility of all areas,” said Serena Harriman, Director, Millbry Hill.

“Alongside Brightpearl, on the same day we also launched a new Shopify Plus website, new till system within the stores, a new warehouse system and new accounts system. We couldn’t have achieved all of this without the support and guidance from the fantastic team at Brightpearl. I really appreciate the hard work that went into getting to know our business, training and supporting us through implementation and I look forward to working closely with Brightpearl moving forwards.” 

 Before joining the Brightpearl family, Millbry Hill was struggling with end-of-life software that was difficult to use and impossible to customise, upgrade and automate. A manual fulfilment process meant mispicks and errors were common and a jumble of spreadsheets was required to manage gaps in workflows. 

The solutions from Brightpearl have eliminated errors, provided real-time insight into orders and inventory and provided a single, cross-channel ‘source of truth’.

The brand has also benefited from Brightpearl’s state-of-the-art demand planning and an integration to Peoplevox, the e-commerce WMS they implemented alongside Brightpearl to manage order fulfilment in the warehouse.

“Whether a brand has been trading for multiple decades or is only just starting out, delighting customers with exceptional experiences is paramount to long term growth,” said Zaeem Batavia,  EMEA Sales Director for Peoplevox.  “Millbry Hill are a fantastic example of this; they understand the importance of back-end operations when it comes to customer happiness, and their investment in the combined tech stack of Brightpearl and Peoplevox represents their ambition to scale the business exponentially.”

“Millbry Hill is a long-established brand aiming for an even bigger and brighter future – and we’re thrilled to have been chosen to play a key part in it,” said Justin Press, SVP Customer Success at Brightpearl. 

“It’s time for more brands to take the lead from Millbry Hill and spend less time fire-fighting day-to-day operations and more time expanding channels and product ranges. That’s the only way to successfully scale and avoid simply treading water – and it’s all made possible with Brightpearl.

“With the power of our market-leading automation engine on its side, Millbry Hill is set to ride higher than ever.”



About Brightpearl

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Aug 27, 2021