Centralize your orders, inventory, customer data and reporting from multiple Shopify storefronts and

grow your business with Brightpearl’s Shopify integration. As soon as an item is shipped details are automatically

created in your Shopify store so your customers are always kept up-to-date and well informed.

Process orders quickly, and efficiently

We’ve plenty of shiny features on the side, but the core of our Shopify integration is orders, inventory, and shipping. As soon as orders are placed, we create them in Brightpearl for you to process in batch, we’ll also update stock levels on all connected sales channels (not just Shopify!), and then as soon as you ship, we’ll update Shopify for you again, saving you the time and effort. 


Our connector connects to all flavours of Shopify, whether you’re running a store on lite, basic or plus; Brightpearl offers the same feature prowess to all. We even connect to Shopify POS, so if that’s your in-store solution we can unite your store sales with those of your online channels, providing you with a single system for processing and analysing performance.


Maximize your selling potential

With a single Brightpearl account you can connect to as many Shopify stores as you aspire to run, with different configuration and branding for each if you wish. Target new territories, launch new brands, or start selling on marketplaces with Brightpearl. 


With Brightpearl, we can leverage the full capabilities of Shopify, including the showcasing of multiple brands.

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