7 thriving retail brands using Brightpearl and BigCommerce to win big

Brightpearl + BigCommerce

It’s no secret that Brightpearl offers a world class library of native integrations that allow for smooth connectability – but did you know Brightpearl has partnered with over 100 retailers who use BigCommerce as their e-commerce platform?

Brightpearl’s Plug & Play integrations, including all the top e-commerce platforms, means that our customers can Plug them in and be up and running in minutes.

Brightpearl’s native connector syncs with BigCommerce immediately – and we have plenty of customer success stories to prove what a power-duo the combined systems can be.

Read on for the lowdown on 7 successful brands who are using Brightpearl and BigCommerce to completely transform their business operations…

  • Furniturebox 

Furniturebox was the brainchild of two teenage friends, Monty and Dan, who dropped university plans for their joint e-commerce venture – delivering great quality furniture at a good price, straight to people’s doorsteps. As a company with a self-described ‘tech-first’ mindset, the brand had seen impressive growth; choosing to power its website with BigCommerce, move into a bigger warehouse, sell through major channels such as Amazon and Wayfair, and sign up with Brightpearl to streamline and automate its operations. 

When the pandemic fuelled a surge in demand that hit the team hard, Furniturebox’s carefully curated tech stack really came into its own. The reliability of the brand’s BigCommerce-powered website, Brightpearl’s Demand Planner and product management app Pimberly meant the business could charge through the hectic sales period, which saw them grow 267%. 

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  • Bells of Steel

Home fitness equipment supplier Bells of Steel was founded by Canadian weight lifting enthusiast Kaevon Khoozani, who set up the company as a Craigslist side hustle in 2006. After taking the business full time and growing steadily for over a decade, the pandemic sent sales of at-home gym equipment into overdrive, and Bells of Steel had to adapt fast. As an established BigCommerce user, the brand needed a retail operating system that would connect quickly and easily with its existing apps, as well as streamline and automate its close-to-breaking manual systems.

In a series of quick decisions, Khoozani grew the team from 7 to 50 members of staff, implemented warehouse 3PL, opened another retail store, and installed Brightpearl to transform operations and act as a real-time, central source of truth. Brightpearl’s swift Plug & Play integration with BigCommerce was a big reason Khoozani chose the retail operating system – and the smart combination of tech helped Bells of Steel grow from $3M to a phenomenal £15M in only 18 months.  

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  • US Cutter

The USA’s leading supplier of high quality vinyl cutters, US Cutter, launched on eBay back in 2005. It has since grown into a thriving multi-channel business operating via a BigCommerce website, popular marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon and two Seattle-based retail stores. 

When President of US Cutter, Karl Bowman sought out a combination of e-commerce platform and retail operating system to push the fast-growing business to the next level, he found it next to impossible to find an ERP provider that could provide reliable test cases of a BigCommerce partnership. After almost signing up with an ERP which needed a third party to build a BigCommerce connector, he instead chose Brightpearl for its seamless Plug & Play integrations with the platform. 

Since then, the business has seen huge benefits to using the power combo, as BigCommerce’s range of upselling add-ons and customer rewards systems are easily fulfilled with Brightpearl in the background, supercharging its operations.

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  • USA Lab

Michigan-based laboratory equipment brand, USA Lab, saw a period of massive growth when it quadrupled in size in a matter of months. When the rapid scaling caused its manual systems to break, particularly in inventory management, the merchant signed up with an OMS provider – but soon regretted the decision, as the system failed to provide solid connections with software the retailer depended on, such as BigCommerce and QuickBooks. As is common with cheap Do-It-Yourself providers, the USA Lab team were left to their own devices during a tricky major technology implementation. 

The merchant switched to Brightpearl instead. Immediately the team had access to 24/7 support and was set up in a super speedy 90 days, while Brightpearl easily synced to the brand’s existing BigCommerce platform and QuickBooks software – something that was hugely important to the retailer. USA Lab continues to use BigCommerce and Brightpearl to scale its fast-growing business, with Brightpearl’s Automation Engine saving them a massive 60 hours a month in formerly manual processes.

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  • Prima Coffee

Kentucky-based coffee equipment brand, Prima Coffee, provides top quality coffee kits to budding baristas and coffee shops alike. As is often the case when retailers rapidly expand, its clunky manual systems and heavy reliance on spreadsheets became a problem – so they turned to Brightpearl.

We decided to overhaul the back and front ends of our business at the same time. We’d settled on BigCommerce for our new website, so we asked around for recommendations of a retail operations system that could integrate well with BigCommerce – and Brightpearl’s name kept coming up. Jordan Kavuma, Director of Marketing, Prima Coffee.

The average go-live time for Brightpearl customers is 120 days, but Prima Coffee was set up in just 90 days (a typical ERP implementation can take up to two years). Brightpearl seamlessly integrated with the brand’s BigCommerce website from the word go, and became a centralized hub across all of its sales channels. With a 50% increase in order processing, the Prima Coffee team has more time to direct towards growing the business.

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  • Atlantic Cigar

Launched in 1996 in the early days of the internet, Atlantic Cigar had been a leading cigar retailer for over two decades when its processes started to break under the pressure of rapid multi-channel growth. The brand already used BigCommerce to power its website and online sales, so chose Brightpearl after hearing about its impressive, progressive connectability.

“It was essential that the operations platform we chose could integrate quickly and easily with BigCommerce. Brightpearl was highly recommended for its Plug & Play integration with the e-commerce platform, so we were eager to sign up,” said Paul Scopioni, CEO and President at Atlantic Cigar. 

Brightpearl was set up with the Atlantic Cigar in a lightning fast ONE month, completely avoiding interruptions to the team’s day-to-day business. With the combined benefits of Brightpearl and BigCommerce powering its operations, the brand was able to sustain an impressive 40% YOY growth rate during the pandemic.

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  • Casey’s Distributing

B2B retailer Casey’s Distributing Inc. distributes sports league licensed products to over 2000 retailers in the United States – covering a huge range of non-apparel items such as pendants, clocks and mugs to stationery and dinner sets. Today, Casey’s Distributing sells over 40,000 products; a lot to manually sort through without operational help.

When the merchant’s tedious inventory management system became too inefficient, Casey’s Distributing considered ERPs such as Netsuite, StitchLabs and Fishbowl to improve its operations – but the providers couldn’t demonstrate successful integration with BigCommerce, the brand’s existing e-commerce platform. 

So, the retailer turned to Brightpearl. After a speedy implementation, Brightpearl was able to automatically receive the flow of orders from BigCommerce without the manual intervention that the team was used to. Today, the merchant uses the fully integrated trio of Brightpearl, BigCommerce and Shipstation to expertly serve its customers.

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So… what makes Brightpearl such a great match with BigCommerce? 

  • With its range of easy Plug & Play integrations and deep API access, Brightpearl’s flexible retail operating system seamlessly syncs with any apps, tools or channels you choose to run your business with – that includes BigCommerce, Amazon and eBay to Shipstation, Xero and more.
  • Meanwhile, traditional ERPs can spend months or even years building a BigCommerce connector from scratch. They’ll likely want to use a third party implementation provider, with no evidence of a successful retail test case. 

Want to see for yourself just how easily Brightpearl connects with your BigCommerce-powered business? Book a demo today.