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The beginning of March? That can only mean one thing, it’s time to recap on the hottest retail, ecommerce and digital marketing news and advice to hit the internet last month. We’ve done the hard work for you by scrolling through tonnes of articles to find the best of the best. Here’s our pick of the top 5 pieces of content from February…

1. Infographic: The Perfect Cart Abandonment Email


With the incredibly high rate of cart abandonment in ecommerce, it’s essential for retailers to follow up and try to convert abandoned carts into purchases. So what does the perfect cart abandonment email look like? Ecommerce Insights created this great infographic which covers the perfect time to send, subject line and content. Here’s our main takeaways:

  • The perfect time to send an email is exactly an hour after the customer has abandoned their shopping cart.
  • The perfect subject line should include either the customer’s name or the product’s name or details.
  • The perfect content should include a dynamic header image, personalization, clear CTA, full cart details, recommended products, customer reviews and free or next day delivery reminder.

View the full infographic including conversion rate statistics on the Ecommerce Insights blog.


2. Article: Can mid-size retailers operate like Amazon?

Amazon’s name is always in the headlines as they continue to grow and succeed but how can mid-size retailers compete with the retail giants? The short answer is that improving their operations can allow them to more effectively focus on their customers! Our very own CEO, Derek O’Carroll shared his view in the article:

“Retailers need to be looking at their back office operations for efficiency gains. All too often they’re using intelligent, skilled and well paid staff to do simple manual jobs such as chasing up orders and checking on inventory when these people would be much better deployed talking directly to customers.”

By automating those back office processes, retailers can become more efficient by reducing the time staff spend on admin tasks, allowing them to spend more time focused on the customer. Read the full article to find out how technology can help mid-size retailers improve operations in order to compete with the likes of Amazon.


3. Event Recap: Fashion Week Tech Takeover

February is renowned as a very fashion-focused month in the retail industry as fashion weeks take place all over the world so first and foremost we’re covering the trends and stories hitting the news straight from the catwalks. There’s plenty we could talk about with New York, London and Milan Fashion Weeks all taking place throughout the month and Paris Fashion Week kicking off today.

The topic we’ve found most interesting across the fashion weeks is the presence of technology. Our friends at Dotmailer shared their 3 tech takeaways from New York Fashion Week including virtual reality, the store of the future and digital dresses.

Could social media save the fashion industry?’ was another interesting article that cropped up from London Fashion Week. The article covers how social media has transformed LFW and how it’s “an indispensable tool for the industry”.

It was great to see some of our customers also being showcased at London Fashion Week as Roksanda Ilincic took to the catwalk to show off their SS17 range, and Hill and Friends presented their new range of high-end handbags. Congratulations Roksanda Ilincic and Hill and Friends!


4. Guide: An Introduction to Omnichannel Retail

Omnichannel – the word that’s on the tip of every retailers’ tongue. There’s a huge amount of opportunity in adopting an omnichannel retail strategy so we teamed up with Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle from Retail Minded to create an introductory guide to omnichannel retail. The guide covers:

  • Understanding omnichannel retail
  • What omnichannel means for independent retailers
  • Finding the right omnichannel blend for your store
  • The reality of why omnichannel matters
  • Action steps to help merchants become more omnichannel focused 

If you’re looking to connect with new customers and enhance your omnichannel strategy, get your hands on your free copy today!


That’s all for February, we hope you enjoyed our recap of this month’s and have a successful month in March. If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest retail news and advice, subscribe to our weekly blog roundup email!