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This month has seen Royal Wedding bells chime, as well as radical changes to the data protection landscape. Catch-up now on all the top stories affecting the retail and wholesale industries, and articles and ebooks we’ll think you’ll learn something from in our latest in review blog…

1. News: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Comes Into Effect

Of course, the major news story this month has to be the introduction of the new GDPR regulation, which came into effect on May 25th.

We thought it would be useful to provide a quick round-up of some of the best articles and resources we’ve found that help to explain what it is and what it means for you as a retailer and business:

2. The Royal Wedding: Royal Wedding’s $1.4 Billion Economic Impact

Aside from GDPR, the other major news story of the month has been about the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19th.

It’s not everyday that a new Royal Wedding takes place, so we wanted to find out how businesses were able to capitalize on it across both sides of the pond.

MarketWatch estimates: “The couple’s big day is likely to provide a boost of $1.43 billion to the UK economy”, with a reported £450 million of that going towards the retail, fashion and merchandise sectors.

Quoted within the article was Richard Haigh, Managing Director of Brand Finance, who says: “People seem to go crazy as soon as Meghan is seen wearing absolutely anything.”

This is something our Brightpearl clients know all too well, such as Finlay London who capitalized on a 1000% sales spike when Meghan Markle wore a pair of their sunglasses to the Invictus games last year.

In particular reference to the Royal Wedding though, many businesses have been reported to capitalize on the event (understandably so).

Both the National Public Radio and Adweek have commented on this in detail, which may provide some inspiration to other retailers and marketers wanting to cash in on the next big event:

3. Tradeshow Calendar: Drapers’ Spring ’19 Trade Show Calendar

Trade show season is now officially upon us, so Drapers have created this useful one-stop guide to events and tradeshows around the UK that will benefit businesses within the fashion, jewelry and accessories industries, as well as some homeware and gift businesses.

There’s even the option to download a PDF version of the guide for you to keep with you on your desk, or when on the road.

And, unique to Drapers, they’ve also had some major buyers comment on what tradeshows they will be attending, and what they’re on the lookout for.

View the tradeshow calendar and buyer comments here.

And for a more global look at tradeshow season and beyond, don’t forget to download our retail calendar as well!

4. Brightpearl News: Notable Awards & Shortlists

Not only is tradeshow season upon us, but so is awards season!

So far this year, we’ve been fortunate enough to claim top prize at a variety of awards, as well as being shortlisted for some other notable awards.

New to this month has been the news that we’ve walked away with a BVCA Award of ‘Venture-Backed Management Team of the Year’.

We’ve also been shortlisted as ‘Multi-Channel Technology Vendor of the Year’ at the Retail Systems Awards, and our very own Derek O’Carroll has been shortlisted for ‘CEO of the Year’ at the Digital Masters Awards.

Recap on all these awards and shortlists via the following links:

5. Partner Spotlight: 12 Common Traits of High-Growth Ecommerce Brands

Our partner spotlight this month goes to Statement, a leading Shopify Plus agency, who has created a useful ebook into what the common traits of high-growth ecommerce brands are.

It features expert insights from Nosto, Yotpo, Virtual Logistics, Patchworks, Paul Rogers, Statement and us!

Download the ebook for free now.

While we’re on the subject, we’ve also partnered with Statement to host a webinar on a similar topic, which we hope you’ll join us for. It’s on June 6th at 2pm GMT. Register for free here!

Well, that’s all for another month! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to receive more news and insights like this direct to your inbox.