Spilling the Secret Sauce: These FIVE Top Performing Online Retailers All Have One Thing In Common (And They Don’t Want You to Know About It)

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What have Snap Supply, trueCABLE, Honour, Strength Shop and Goose & Gander got in common? 

Yes, they’re all fast-growing ecommerce brands – but they’re also operating in different sectors and facing different challenges. 

However, they’ve all uncovered the same secret superpower – and it’s one that’s helped them save huge amounts of time, drastically reduce errors and lower labour costs.

In short, it’s given them the edge on their competition (which is exactly why they probably don’t want you to know about it). 

We think it’s about time you were in the loop – so we’ve decided to reveal the secret thing all five brands have in common…


*drumroll please*

Each of the five successful brands we mentioned has DITCHED manual processes and embraced the power of automation using Brightpearl.

Auto-what now?

Automation might sound futuristic but it’s the key to growth in the here and now. That’s because automating your post-purchase workflows gives you back the time you need to focus on what really matters – instead of spending all your time firefighting day-to-day issues. 

Here are just some of the reasons you need automation in your life: 

  • It speeds up order processing by 70%
  • It cuts labour costs in HALF
  • It saves Brightpearl customers TWO MONTHS every year, on average

So exactly how have the five brands we mentioned used automation to grow fearlessly? Let’s take a closer look…


After running into problems with its existing operations platform, fetish clothing brand Honour came to Brightpearl in search of a better way to do business.

As a rapidly-deployed DOP with trusted ‘plug and play’ ecommerce integrations, Brightpearl’s automation features have put an end to the time-consuming manual management of orders from multiple sales channels that was crippling productivity.

The fast-growing business has automated post-puchase workflows using Brightpearl and now saves more than 100 hours every month.

Joe Xuereb, Director at Honour, says: “We now automate all of our invoices, orders and shipping processes and we’ve seen a major impact on the speed and efficiency of our operation, while transforming our customer service. We’re really, really pleased!”

Snap Supply

After launching in 2017, Snap Supply has fast become one of the most highly respected suppliers of appliance parts in the American midwest. When the firm needed a built-for-retail operations platform that could automate data entry and allow them to focus on growth, Brightpearl was the obvious choice.

After a super-speedy implementation, Brightpearl’s advanced automation tools have enabled the business to automate its post-purchase workflows. This has dramatically sped up order processing times and means the business is better places better cope with demand.

Snap Supply now saves 60 hours per week on order entry alone and the business is 3x more profitable – and it’s all thanks to Brightpearl’s automation features.

Nick Ernst, Co-founder at Snap Supply, says: “It previously took about 10 minutes to manually process an order. Now, we can process 50 orders in that time. And because we have saved so much time, we’ve been able to improve our customer service.”


After experiencing rapid initial growth, ethernet cable company trueCABLE needed more bandwidth to continue to grow – and Brightpearl offered the perfect solution.

Alongside its out-of-the-box integration with Shopify, Brightpearl’s automation engine has proved to be a game-changer for the business. It’s helped eliminate human errors, get items to customers faster than ever and made managing inventory and shipping a breeze.

Automating its manual workflows is now saving the business 40 hours every month.

Jessica Floyd, VP of Marketing & Business Development at trueCABLE, says: “Automation really is magic! There are so many areas of the business we no longer need to think about or touch. It means we’re able to optimize staffing and remain lean as an organisation, despite our growth.”

Strength Shop

When demand for its strength and fitness equipment went through the roof during lockdown, Strength Shop turned to Brightpearl for smart solutions that have transformed the day-to-day operations of the business.

The intuitive Brightpearl platform, backed up by dedicated support, made it easy for the business to set up bespoke rules so that everything from order management to warehouse operations is handled automatically.

The impact has been huge: orders are processed 75% faster than before and the team are saving hours every week. Plus, mistakes are a thing of the past and customer service is better than ever.

Ricky Shah, COO at Strength Shop Europe, says: “Growing the business is a big priority for us, and Brightpearl’s automation tools have enabled us to focus on that instead of wasting time on manual processes.”

Goose & Gander

Rapid growth had left British fashion brand Goose & Gander struggling to keep up with increasing order volumes – until they discovered Brightpearl. 

By automating repetitive, routine operations using the Brightpearl automation engine, orders are processed five times faster than before.

The rules in place have dramatically improved customer experience and freed up the business’s key team members to focus on growth.

Olly White, Director at Goose & Gander, says: “Brightpearl has totally transformed our business. We now feel in control of our behind-the-scenes processes and everything runs like clockwork, including our stock and order management.”

Want to find out more about how your business could benefit from automation? 

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