These Three Brands Are Transforming Their Business with Automation!

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At Brightpearl, we’ve helped thousands of ecommerce merchants achieve awesome results (and save precious time) by automating their order processing workflows. The best bit? The hours saved every week thanks to automation are being reinvested in helping brands grow the business. 

With an in-built Automation Engine, Brightpearl stands out from the crowd because it makes advanced automation – which saves the average customer two months a year – easy.

Here, we spotlight three awesome brands that have seen transformational change via the power of automation…

Strength Shop 

Strength Shop snapped up the opportunity to set up automation rules on Brightpearl that have transformed the day-to-day operations of the business.

The team was previously spending whole days processing orders; now it’s done automatically. Products are being shipped 75% faster than before and communication with customers is better than ever. 

“The automation features of Brightpearl have made a massive difference,” says Ricky Shah, COO, Strength Shop Europe

“We used to spend ages working out which shipping provider to use depending on the overall weight of an order – some products are very heavy and need a specialist courier – but now the whole process is done automatically. 

“Our time to ship is much quicker – which is especially impressive considering the crazy demand after the pandemic. It’s also had a hugely positive impact on the overstretched team, who really value the efficiency and simplicity of the platform. 

“Growing the business is a big priority for us, and Brightpearl’s automation tools have enabled us to focus on that instead of wasting time on manual processes.” 

Goose & Gander
Thanks to Brightpearl’s Automation Engine, Goose & Gander has turbocharged the way it processes orders. 

The team is now able to deal with large volumes of orders five times faster than before. Customer experience has also been transformed, with customers getting speedier-than-ever service.

“Brightpearl has given us back so much time every day – our team gets our orders out five times faster than before, and we’re freed up to focus on more important aspects of growing the business”, said Olly White, Director, Goose & Gander

“Brightpearl has totally transformed our business. Our main priority when we signed up for Brightpearl was being able to successfully manage our stock and to get orders out the door as quickly as possible – Brightpearl have helped us do that, and lots more.

“We save so much time compared to how things were run before, which means we can concentrate on more important aspects of running and growing the business. 

Snap Supply
Founded by two brothers in 2017, Snap Supply has quickly grown to become one of the most highly respected suppliers of appliance parts in the American midwest. The firm had now reached a stage of growth where the team needed a one stop shop for operational commerce that would automate data entry and allow them to focus on growing sales.

With Brightpearl set up in a matter of weeks, Snap Supply now saves 60 hours per week on order entry alone thanks to Brightpearl’s automation engine.

“Brightpearl has saved us so much time on inventory, invoicing and reporting that we’ve been able to pivot our workforce to become both more customer focused and sales driven”, says Nick Ernst, Co-Founder, Snap Supply. “We are now 3x more profitable as a direct result of how the software allows us to balance our employees!” 

“Before Brightpearl, due to our lack of automation capabilities we were behind on shipping times and overselling on Amazon. We resolved that pretty quickly and I’m happy to say that since implementation we’ve been growing at a rate of between 5 and 10% every month and have tripled our net profits over the last five.”

There you have it. Three brands who are using automation to transform their business and get back valuable time. 

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