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A Renegade Strategy? Games Publisher Picks Brightpearl To Level Up Scale

California games publisher , Renegade Game Studios, is all set to scale without barriers after partnering with Brightpearl to transform its business operations.

With Brightpearl supporting its operational infrastructure, the San Diego-born tabletop publisher will gain access to the industry-leading Inventory Planner Premium, a purpose-built suite of Plug & Play integrations and a game-changing Automation Engine. The team will also benefit from streamlined, real-time updates coming from all departments and all three of its BigCommerce sites, with Brightpearl in place as its central source of truth.

Started in 2014, Renegade Game Studios is now an established source of entertainment for both new and veteran tabletop game fans with its vast collection of hobbyist board games and tabletop products, with titles such as Transformers Deck-Building Game and GI Joe: Mission Critical. The publisher sells direct to consumers in the States and internationally via three BigCommerce sites (US, UK and EU), and also operates wholesale with US retail giants Barnes & Noble, and Target.

After experiencing an influx of sales directly through its websites, the team at Renegade reached a familiar benchmark – to streamline, automate processes and upgrade its operational systems in order to scale as a business, particularly around its Direct-to-Consumer channel. The international game publisher turned to Brightpearl to transform its manual processes and power the brand towards successful multichannel expansion.

As a business built on multiple locations, Renegade now has the capability for order routing and split fulfilment to better serve its international customers, has access to 360-degree visibility across all departments and channels and gains streamlined inventory management functionality.

The business will also benefit from Brightpearl’s suite of made-for-retail features, including its Automation Engine – which greatly reduces the hours spent on time-intensive manual processes in warehouse, as well as inventory, ordering, shipping and fulfilment and improves accuracy across the board.

Brightpearl’s roster of Plug & Play integrations, including its much-lauded out of the box connection with Renegade’s chosen e-commerce platform, BigCommerce, mean the brand can seamlessly integrate its current apps and sales. In future, Renegade can swiftly and flexibly expand and switch out apps as it curates its custom tech stack in future.

“We are so thankful for Brightpearl’s help streamlining our business,” says Sara Erickson, VP of Sales and Marketing at Renegade Game Studios. “We are saving time on our end, our orders are going out with more accuracy and more quickly to our customers, and we have more visibility on our stock than we ever have before. The Brightpearl team made it easy and worked so carefully with us every step of the way to make sure it was set up to meet our needs. It’s the perfect solution for us and was implemented without a single issue. What more could we ask for?”

Justin Press, SVP Customer Success at Brightpearl, said, “Renegade Game Studios are the ideal candidate for the Brightpearl Retail Operating System (ROS) and we can’t wait to support their growth journey.

“As a multichannel brand with increasing popularity both home and overseas – Renegade will experience first hand how having Brightpearl as its central source of truth will turn the business into a slick, streamlined machine. They’ll now be able to Grow Fearlessly without the operational complexity that comes with rapid scaling, and the time formerly spent on manual problem-solving can now be targeted towards growth, product development and innovation.

“Renegade no longer needs to roll the dice on its future success – with Brightpearl transforming its operations, it’s onto a sure-fire winner.”

Mar 01, 2023