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Hawthorn Handmade Crafting New Future After Signing Up With Brightpearl

Online crafts retailer Hawthorn Handmade is now fully equipped for rapid business growth after signing up with Brightpearl by Sage to supercharge its operational processes.

The merchant’s partnership with Brightpearl’s world class retail operating system (ROS) means it gains access to the industry-leading Inventory Planner tool, a powerful Automation Engine and a world-class library of Plug & Play integrations. The Hawthorn team will enjoy improved performance in serving its DTC and wholesale customers across all channels and locations with Brightpearl in place as its central source of truth.

Female-founded and owned since 2013, Hawthorn Handmade is a rapidly growing crafting retailer based in the Dorset countryside, specializing in handicrafts such as needle felting, embroidery, cross stitch and felt sewing kits. The brand sells direct to consumers in the UK, the States, and Europe, via its own website, Etsy and Amazon, and is increasing its wholesale customer base with the likes of John Lewis, Waterstones and more.

After seeing a spike in DTC sales during the pandemic that allowed the firm to broaden its reach into international markets, Hawthorn Handmade reached a crossroads in its business journey – making the decision to upgrade its systems and remove the operational blockers preventing growth. By choosing Brightpearl, the team now has the made-for-retail tools to power the brand towards its multichannel goals.

With Brightpearl in place, the brand will receive 360-degree visibility and real-time insights across all departments and channels. With access to in-depth analytics and advanced reporting functionality, it can also make more informed and real-time business decisions without needlessly poring over multiple spreadsheets.

Of critical benefit to Hawthorn is Brightpearl’s Automation Engine – which streamlines and automates manual workflows in inventory, warehouse, ordering, shipping and fulfilment. Key staff, who formerly spent hours on manual data entry and processing, are freed up to dedicate time towards product innovation and growth.

Inventory Planner also grants Hawthorn with in-depth inventory visibility and data-driven forecasting insights, thus reducing the risk of overstocking and stockouts. With the means to create reports using over 200 custom metrics, the team will also have the laser-focused insights to make profit-driven purchasing decisions.

Brightpearl’s roster of Plug & Play integrations mean the crafting brand can seamlessly integrate its current apps, channels and locations – including its wholesale customers – swiftly and flexibly, so the business can scale and grow fearlessly.

“Brightpearl gives us the opportunity to dig deep into our data and use that information to inform key business decisions and strategy as we develop our growth plan. As well as vastly improving our operations, we are excited to see the impact on sales now that we have this unique insight into the business” – Stephanie Carswell, Founder and Creative Director

Justin Press, SVP Customer Success at Brightpearl, said, “It’s our pleasure to support a brand like Hawthorn Handmade which has grown so rapidly in recent years, becoming a favourite in its sector, both UK-wide and beyond.

“With Brightpearl supporting its goals for multichannel growth, Hawthorn will now experience a levelling up in performance, both in operations and how it serves customers. They’ll receive the in-depth insights required to really boost profitability and get to know their customers well – and with Brightpearl by Sage as the central source of truth stitching all parts of the business together, they have the platform for future success.”

Jan 25, 2023