3 Game-Changing Automation Hacks to Save You Time And Money

Robot pushing a shopping trolley

Did you know merchants in retail businesses just like yours are spending up to 6 hours and 24 minutes every single week on manual admin tasks? That adds up to a whopping 332 hours a year.

And the worst part? Admin creep is getting worse, not better. According to a study by Brightpearl by Sage and Avalara, 66% of businesses report an increase in admin work.

Up to 6 in 10 merchants are even sacrificing their weekends to catch up with all the tedious tasks on their to-do lists.

There’s a better way.

With the right software, all of the most daunting and most time-consuming tasks – from order processing to handling returns – can be automated.

Ahead of our free webinar on July 25 at 4pm BST / 10am EST, which will reveal how top brands are using automation to save time and boost revenue, we’re sharing three of the most powerful automation hacks you can use to reclaim time and save money.

1.   Automatically fulfil your orders

Thanks to e-commerce giants like Amazon, the expectations of online customers are higher than ever – and the quicker orders can be fulfilled, the better.

Brightpearl customers save 352 days a year by automating order processing (and other manual tasks).

In fact, order fulfillment is the most popular automated workflow with Brightpearl customers.

The retail operating system can be used to automatically fulfil any order where the inventory is available and full payment has been received.

2.   Automatically create dropship POs

If you fulfill orders via dropships, where the goods are shipped from your supplier directly to the end-customer, then Brightpearl’s Automation Engine makes this process much more efficient.

Whether you always dropship an item or only dropship when it’s out-of-stock in your own warehouse, we can automate creation of the PO.

This can save time and reduce errors (no more copy and paste mistakes!).

3.   Automatically delay shipments

If your customers shop with you for gifts, setting a future delivery date is essential to make sure the gift arrives right on time. With Brightpearl, you can automatically delay the processing of orders with a future delivery date.

By crossing tasks like delayed shipments off your to do list, you can free yourself up to focus on the things that really matter.

Discover the full list of 10 automation hacks – and the exact rules required to set them up – in our free guide. Download it now.